Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrrrr... oh wait, I have hot flashes, not so much brrrr anymore

It's cold. It's going to get colder. A mere -2 right now. I have to put Rocky out at some point. I think I'll wait till after Shawn leaves as it's supposed to warm up to 4 by then. Gee, I just can't wait to walk out in 4 degree temperature to chain up the pit bull, only to turn around five minutes later to let him back in (hoping in that amount of time his paws haven't frozen solid to the ground... and really hoping he doesn't choose tonight to try to lick something metal... it's something he would do) and be yanked back to the door by the leash. I used to be the nice one. I would let him out without a leash or tie out and just watch him. He only jumps the fence right by the back door, so as long as I stand there and keep an eye on him, he's not going anywhere. I could stand in front of the picture window and allow him some freedom. However, he has recently decided that he will NOT come to me when I call him. I end up, nine months pregnant (and counting) out in the snow, making my best attempt at faking happiness to get him to come to me, when what I really want to do is yank him up by his collar and drag him back in the house. Now the only time he's able to go off leash is on days when it's not quite so frigid.

The honeymoon is over. As soon as the full moon hit, Jasmine changed back into her normal, less sweet self. Yesterday was full blown attitude. Today, it's been more of a not listening thing. You honestly feel like you're talking to a wall or that she suddenly went deaf. There were a couple of times today where I actually asked if she heard me because she showed absolutely no reaction at all when I would speak. A few minutes ago, I very nicely told her to be quiet because daddy is sleeping... less than a minute later she howled like a wolf... inches from daddy's head. *sigh* She even cupped her hands around her mouth to make sure the sound carried. (it's Harry Potters fault... in one of the movies the little girl howls to save stupid Harry's life... now my kid does it all. the. time.) I'm trying (really I am) to keep my patience and not wring her neck.

The kid really picked a bad day to purposely be irking me. And it's making me try even harder to be nice but I've failed quite a few times at it today. I've been getting very frustrated over the last few weeks and I didn't even realize it. I've become a person that I normally bitch about and if nothing else, pity. I've been letting people walk all over me for a while now. No matter what is said to me, I don't really respond to it. I always have an excuse for myself... I don't feel like arguing at that time... don't want to fight with that person right now... it's just easier to let it go. I need to stop it. It's making me a very bitchy person and I think it's part of what my problem has been these last two weeks in particular. Now it's a matter of just doing it and stopping making excuses as to why I just let it all slide. It should help when I go back on my pretty pink pills after this kid is born. ;)


Indigo said...

Pickles is showing major attitude as well, she doesn't want to come in she WANTS to play in the snow. Sorry kiddo with temps in the single digits, Mommy needs to breathe, and in case you haven't heard they don't work as well as they used to.

As for Jas, I think it was a matter of the heck with this, I can't be good that long. The kid was suppose to be here already temperment. Or just plain stir crazy...

I can relate, I am too! Paul wants to go do some shopping this afternoon after school, I'm backpedaling wondering what the hell we need so bad as to make me WANT to go out in those temps. Yes, I said it not all of the lovely snow and cold is nice *winks*. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jasmine is not cooperating. That's not really what you need right now. I'm sure there's extra frustration with being 9 months+ pregnant!

I'm dreading going out to get the mail, let alone being out for any length of time!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Took half an hour for my fingers to warm up tonight! Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder - yikes!