Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A lot of pain with only a little progress

Today was my due date. (the 12th) I had an OB appointment. I figured I would've made a lot of progress with the amount of pain I've been experiencing in my nether regions. Not so much. Only 1cm dilated and 75% effaced. I was betting on 3cm. My next appointment isn't till next Thursday, at which time I'll have a nonstress test to watch the baby's heart rate for twenty minutes. On that day, they will schedule me to be induced for sometime the week of the 25th. Here I was worried I would have a baby really close to Christmas and it's getting closer to February everyday. The doctor I saw today thought it was neat that I had Jasmine on her due date. It doesn't happen often. And it's apparently not going to happen again, at least not for me.

After my extremely uncomfortable exam, (hey doc, stop trying to exam my tonsils from there!) I went out to dinner with my mom. We had some really greasy, very bad for you food at a local bar/restaurant. When I got home, I put together a wire dog crate that my mom is letting us use. Good thing I've done a few of them in the past since this one is old enough that the instructions are lost somewhere, probably in a garbage bag far away. Savannah now has the wire crate that she has so been wanting. (she had started refusing to go into any other crate if it wasn't a wire) Soon they'll all have rubber mats in their crates as well. Shawn was able to get some really expensive mats from his work that they were getting rid of... for free! He's going to cut them all to size and put them in the crates. We've tried giving them dog beds and padding at various times. Cash pees on anything soft. (minutes after putting it into his crate) Rocky and the other dogs eat anything edible that is put into their crates. The rubber mats will give them something softer than the crate bottoms to sleep on and are solid enough that I don't think the dogs will be able to chew them. (the guy told Shawn today that the mats are $1200 new so they're pretty heavy duty) Now only two of the dogs have travel crates and Rocky prefers the travel crates over wire. Molly is only in a crate when we leave the house so I think she can handle it.

They're calling for snow. A lot of snow. We're under a blizzard watch and a winter storm warning... until Thursday. It doesn't sound like the amount of snow we'll be getting is what is causing concern, it's the wind. It's supposed to get pretty bad over the next few days, causing snow drifts. (mainly across MY driveway... stupid hay field next door allows the wind and snow to just keep coming) Plus, we may have a low of -13 overnight in a couple of days. Ick. I REALLY hope I don't go into labor any of those days. I can wait the extra couple of days rather than drive through a blizzard.


Beth said...

Wow, major score on those mats! It's great that they let Shawn take them home rather than just send them to the landfill. Some companies are weird that way.

It is snowing really hard at the moment. We didn't seem to get a whole lot last night, but this looks like it's going to be kind of a bad one. Ken emailed me from work this morning, and he said the Michigan back roads were drifting already. So the youngun needs to stay put for a few more days! :)

Love, Beth

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope baby waits until after the storm!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Last couple of days, I wanted to wish you to "pop", but now, with the weather and all, stay where it is warm kidlet :o)