Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm such a whiner today

I think I'm about done. Get the hell out of me already. I'm sure it would be a nice story to have two kids born on their due dates, but really, I'm over it. I'm definitely still freaked out about leaving Jasmine for the night (or more if I go into labor at night, have the kid in the morning, they'll keep me the next night) I'll regret saying any of this when both of them refuse to sleep or they refuse to sleep at the same time but for the moment, I'm over being pregnant. I'm sick of waking up with my hips hurting, over my feet hurting constantly and definitely DONE pulling muscles just by rolling over. I want to be able to slouch again. If I even attempt a small slouch, I get the crap kicked out of me, not to mention the fact that there's just not much room for slouching. Oh and then there's the heartburn, which I didn't experience even once when I was pregnant with Jasmine. Now, to be honest, I haven't done anything to bring on labor, as I did with Jasmine. Again, it's because I'm freaked out about leaving her. I'm sure when I feel the first signs of labor I will panic at least a little bit. I don't even like leaving the kid for a few hours of shopping. Sleeping in that hospital is going to be nearly impossible as the entire time I'm going to want to be with her. At the same time, I just want my body back to myself. It's mine and I'd like to reclaim it as such. I'd like to be able to take whatever OTC drugs I want, without being forced to do online research about whether they could affect someone else living inside me. And I would like all hiccups to belong to me only. *sigh* Sorry for the complaining.

Jasmine has been, dare I say, good today. *gasp* Could she actually be well behaved for an entire day? Well, she's still awake so there's always a possibility that she could "change" suddenly. For now, she's being an angel.

I'm getting quite annoyed with the Packers Proshop. I ordered something from them on the 28th and it didn't get sent out till a few days ago, despite the fact that UPS was sent the billing information. I don't live that far from Green Bay that it should take this long for them to send it out and then for it to actually get here. I wish they would've used FedEx instead. It should be here tomorrow as it was in some hick town in Indiana this afternoon. I've gotten things from California quicker than this package is arriving. I hate waiting for things that I order. I usually just go somewhere and buy what I want, cutting out that waiting issue. This was one of the few times that wasn't possible.

Oooooooh, I just remembered, some movies come out tomorrow AND my pizza place opens back up. They were closed for the holidays since it's family owned and tomorrow, I get my pizza!!! I'm actually not a pizza person. I've never been really head over heels for the stuff but I absolutely love Rocco's pizza. We usually get the biggest pizza they have, along with an order of their garlic bread. It's usually enough to feed all three of us. Once this one growing inside of me is big enough to eat it however, we'll have to buy two. Maybe I'll tell it that it's lactose intolerant and keep it to one pizza. ;)~

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