Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some photos

I'm trying to decide if I want to do several entries with photos or just overload you in one entry with various photos. I guess I'll just see where it goes.

First off, THIS is why I foster even though a lot of times it hurts like hell. Particularly when you lose one. Is there anything more sweet than that? And no, I didn't pose them like that or anything. I walked into the room to get ready to finish up their medicines for the night and do yet another round of feeding when I saw them sleeping like that. Can we all say a big awwwwwwww. :) The white one is female, the black one is male. This is a crappy picture of mom but it's the best one I have at the moment. She's always moving when I try and get a photo.

These are the flowers that a certain cute but aggravating little girl brought to me today. That little girl snuck out the backdoor while I was in the other room. I figured she wouldn't go outside since a) she didn't have on any pants and it was in the lower 50's and b) her daddy was outside cooking on the grill. I was wrong. Daddy found her in my daffodils picking flowers as a "present" for mommy. Even though she got scolded by daddy for being outside, she still came in proud as could be with her present. Then asked for pants and a sweatshirt so she could go out and play with daddy.

Jasmine has been playing with a lot of her toys lately. She recently got a easter basket from her grandpa. His wife was out of town at the time and wasn't able to make the basket herself, leaving it up to my dad to pick things out. He grabbed one of those things that is already done for you. Typical man move. Therefore, we now have what we call amputee barbie. Jasmine is always asking me if I've seen her leg or arm. We even had the head pop off once. She's also been enjoying a toy we had hidden. I don't know how she found it but we heard when she did. It's a microphone that amplifies any sound that goes into it. Can you tell by the look on Evan's face what he thinks of that thing??? Yeah, that's pretty much the look he gets on his face every single time she gets that thing out. Actually, come to think of it, he gives us that look anytime we do anything he finds... odd, which in this house, is a lot. Speaking of Evan... who's a cute baby? Who's a cute baby? You're a cute baby!
That's all for today. I'll leave some photos for tomorrow or the day after... or whenever I get around to posting them.


Indigo said...

Talk about cute overload. Jasmine and Evan could be twins. They have the same features down perfectly. No, sarcasm about having the same parents either dear (winks).

Kittens, animals in general have these unexpected moments that leave us lighthearted. Is it no wonder we both ended up being animal lovers.

Totally loved all the pictures. Got any more? (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

What great pictures! I was going to say the same thing Indigo said--Evan is the spitting image of Jasmine!

Hugs, Beth

Wayne Images said...

Great pictures! I can't get over how much Evan looks like Jaz! Wonderful pictures, thanks for posting them!

anusha said...

superb pics!!specially the first photo!!