Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is this wooden or metal? Metal is smoother. The wood ones hurt my back.

Well, it's been one hell of an emotional roller coaster these last 24 hours, let me tell you. This morning, I was trying to hurry up and get the animals done so I could finally go to sleep since the eldest child decided to boycott sleep. In my hurry, I managed to forget that the dogs have been jumping the fence. I let them all out and went to take care of the kittens. I spent a little longer in there than usual so I could watch the female hopping/wobbling across her enclosure. Then I went to let the dogs in. They came in and I told them to go to bed (their crates) and I noticed that Tarin was missing... then I noticed that Mia was missing. I freaked out. Here I am, alone with two kids and my dogs are running around the neighborhood at a time of morning that is busier than rush hour. I called and called but of course, they didn't come. I jumped in the car and drove down the road to make sure they hadn't been hit and hopefully to find them. I drove through the trailer park since it has some water around it and that's where they came from the last time. No dogs. I kept trying to call my husband from my cell and this was the one time he wasn't picking up. I was on my way back to the house when I saw them prancing around in the middle of the frickin' road, my road, the busy road. They were lucky that I was the only car coming towards them at the time. There was a car behind me but I hit my hazard lights as soon as I saw them and he must have seen them too because he stopped in the middle of the road to let me get out of my car. I caught them both and then realized I had to walk to the driver's side of the car (facing the road) with both of them because my doors were locked except for that one. I held onto one dog with my hand and shoved the other one in between my knees while I threw the car door open and shoved them both inside. It wasn't till I was sitting right next to Mia that I realized they had once again been into some nasty, stinky water. My husband called immediately after I found them. On his way home, he grabbed some things to try and keep them from jumping the fence, including some cattle fence from my mom's house. He spent all evening in the pouring rain putting this thing up so we could keep them safe. Afterwards, he lets everyone out to go potty since they hadn't been allowed out while he was working on it. He then left to get pizza. After about an hour, I started to wonder where he was but wasn't too worried yet. Then I went to let Rocky outside for a while and I noticed that Tarin and Mia weren't in the backroom with the other dogs. Come to find out, my husband had been out looking for the dogs the entire time. They had broke a panel on our privacy fence to get out of the yard. The electric fence should've prevented them from even trying to get out, except, it's apparently broken. He came home when I called him and we talked for a few minutes. He hadn't found them and everyone he talked to hadn't seen them. About a half hour after that, I went down to get the mail. Right after, I went back out to sit on the porch to, hopefully, see them somewhere. I saw my husband at the bottom of the driveway in the car so I headed down there and then I saw Tarin directly across the street and frantically screamed his name. Unfortunately, I didn't see the van coming from over the hill. Both my dogs were in the middle of the road when Shawn started honking his horn and flashing his lights at the van. The guy slammed on his brakes and just missed hitting Tarin. All the while I was running for the road screaming. We got both the dogs out of the road and I carried Mia back to the house. That's saying a lot, the dog isn't a light border collie, she's more on the chunky basset hound side. :) And she smelled like a rotting animal. Shawn made sure the driver was ok and he said he was fine, glad that he missed them. Now, the dogs don't go out without one of us following their every move. Three times in less than a week that I thought I would never see them alive again. Mia got a bath tonight. Tarin will probably get one tomorrow. I did Mia first since I sleep with her and didn't want my bedroom smelling like whatever the hell that was. We're going to get a new electric box and see if that's the problem.

A little while ago, I checked my mail and got some rather good news, in my opinion any way. I have a co-signer for my "elective" surgery. If I hadn't found someone to co-sign, I wouldn't have been able to get the surgery till... well I don't know when. I had been a little depressed at the idea of not having it done this year. Or more so, depressed that I didn't know when I would be able to have it done. I'm not looking forward to the initial pain or the scars (which will fade with time and they give you some prescription cream to help them go away faster) but I will be so glad to look... well halfway normal. I can't say completely normal because implants never look normal as far as I'm concerned. But it'll be better than what I have to look at now.


cw2smom said...

Arrrrgggh! What a day you two had! Sounds like the dogs were having a great time though! Isn't it amazing how they just seek out that nasty smellin' stuff to get into..and then often roll around in it! GAG! My dogs are masters at escape too and it seems they always get out at the most inopportune times. Lightening storms do them in and we're almost always out searching for them then! Glad your surgery is going to work out! Hang in there little mama! Lisa

Beth said...

How frustrating! I hope you'll be able to keep them in with additional fencing.

My ex-boss had a Golden that he'd take to the lake. The stupid dog (and he really was not very bright, unlike most Goldens) loved to roll around in the dead fish washed up onshore. Blechhhh!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad the puppies are okay :o)