Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beauty of a day

We had quite a nice day today. The temperatures were in the 70's with little wind. Jasmine and I got started on the flower beds. They're so big that we only ended up getting one of them done. I have to dig up every single freaking perennial in the bed so it's been slow going. We planted some mammoth sunflowers at her begging. Not sure if they'll make it past the last frost or not but it made the wee one happy. She actually didn't do much helping. Mostly she stood by asking how much longer and telling me where the giant bugs and spiders were... and then she would roll down our hill a few times, come back and do it all over again. After I became super frustrated with a tree that had made it's home in the bed last year (I just couldn't get that damn thing out of the ground), I gave the gardening a break for the day. Initially we headed to the backyard to play on the swing set but that was put on hold when Shawn's grumpy old border collie started a fight between herself, Molly (the flat coat retriever) and Cash (the doberman). Poor Molly got beat to hell. She was limping most of the day but seems to be a little better now. She stayed inside most of the rest of the day and she seemed pleased with that plan. Eventually we made it out to the swing set. While Jasmine examined the slide to make sure it was completely and totally free of bugs (she's terrified of anything bug-like... so opposite of her mother), I played with the dogs. I never thought it was possible for that many dogs to play with a human and not start fighting from the excitement. We only had one occasion of growling and I sent that dog off to lay down and, you know, think about what he'd done. haha I actually think he just got too hot so he went to lay in the shade and it happened to coincide with me telling him to beat it. Once it started to get dark out, we ran and got a pizza. It was quite a stress free day. Too bad the next few days will be rainy and chilly. I'm so looking forward to more days like this.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Sounds like a nice day, yea kids have all the ideas, but none of the work.

Beth said...

I'm glad you had such a great day! Sicko me stayed inside all day. Yuck. I know we've got plenty of great days to come, though!

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

It's been gorgeous here too. Paul has decided to take his last day off from school and mow the

Your day sounds pretty close to perfect. (Hugs)Indigo