Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh what a night

I've decided that I haven't taken up drinking. Instead I am, de-bitchifiying. Yes it's a word, go look it up. :) I just got to a snapping point today with the kids. My husband had to go to a friend's house right after dinner, which would normally be no big deal. However, the second the walked out the door, it was like Jasmine had snorted twenty pixie sticks. She hadn't but it sure seemed that way. She was into everything, wouldn't stay out of the kitten room, (she's not allowed in there without one of us as she can't be trusted not to try and give them medicine or even drown them... I'm not kidding) trying to go outside anytime I looked away... just being a massive pain in the ass. Evan wasn't too bad but having to take care of his needs while she's driving me insane, just makes everything seem that much worse. Once he got home, he had to almost immediately go to bed since it was 11:30 at night. The messes Jasmine had made by that time were as follows, she pulled out every. single. plastic. bag. out of the cabinet we keep them (until we remember to take them into walmart to be recycled which almost never happens so there they stay), she threw confetti type paper all over the living room... right after I cleaned the floor. I made her clean it all up but I have to stand there and supervise the cleaning or she won't do it or she'll get distracted or or or or.... the list goes on. Which takes away from the cleaning I could be doing instead. After he got home and went to bed, I was trying to do the dishes when I heard a huge crash from the living room, followed by screaming. I don't know what she was doing but she later said she was jumping. I had a dinner tray out from dinner in front of the couch and she must have been trying to jump on the couch or even from the couch to the tray and well, crashed. There was pop covering the floor that had been on the tray, she was screaming, which in turn woke the baby up, who started screaming for a bottle. Jasmine landed on her head of all things. She's going to have a bruise for sure and took off a very thin layer of skin. Shawn came out and wiped up the floor but I was still going to have to wash it since it would be sticky. I went into the bedroom, where he was back trying to go to sleep and grabbed the empty bottles to feed Evan. That's when I told my husband, 'Someday, you are going to be woken up by that little girl saying "Daddy, mommy said she was going bye-bye.' and you will find a note saying 'Sorry, lost my mind, went to Narnia. Be back in a month." He laughed and said to say hi to the evil witch while I was there for him. I went, fed the baby and then said to hell with it. I grabbed what was left of my Bailey's, tossed in some milk and chocolate syrup and watched Top Design. I figured if I didn't "chill out" soon, I was going to Narnia... or at the very least I was going to yell the rest of the night till my head exploded. My mellow didn't last long however as there wasn't a whole lot of liqueur left in the bottle. It was good enough to get through a little cleaning and get everyone ready for bed. For the overreactor's out there, this isn't an everyday thing, I won't actually take up drinking, etc. I actually don't like to get drunk and only drink things that are fruity or taste like chocolate shakes because they taste oh so yummy. You can quit freaking out now. And yet, I'm fine now.

The vet didn't expect the black kitten to make it. That was Tuesday and he's still here. He actually seems better than the white one today. Although his eyes are usually gooped shut when I get in there and then there's so much nasty stuff when I finally get his eyes open... it's just awful. But he's moving around a lot more than he has been and is very happy to be eating as I am now almost exclusively hand feeding them. It turns out, they were all dehydrated so they all got fluid but it also appears that Kasima is drying up from being sick. She still has a little milk but not the same supply she should have. They've been nursing off her but in between, I am feeding them as well to supplement what they're not getting. I am bottle feeding a baby and two kittens. The white one has some congestion in her chest and a stuffed up nose so I've been having a harder time getting her to eat. I've been trying to do smaller amounts with her but feeding her more often since it's so hard for her to eat for any length of time. If need be, I can put them on sub-q fluids but I'm hoping it won't have to come to that. They get very sore when they have to be stuck in the back several times a week. Only time will tell what happens. I really have taken a liking to this little black male. Even when he was so sick that I thought he might not make it through the night, he was still purring so loudly that I thought it was coming from the mother. He's so loud that you think there's no way that much noise could come from something so small. To me, he just seems like he'd be a very happy and upbeat kind of cat if he makes it. Short of taking them everywhere with me, I'm doing just about everything I can for them. It just depends on their immune system stepping up now.


Lisa said...

Hey girl, finally found a few minutes to try and get around and see what everyone is up to! Looks like you are still having your hands full. My gosh, I can't believe how big Evan is already...he is just adorable!!!! The kittens are so sweet in the photo with them lying together. It does make it worth while when there are moments like that. Thanks for all of your support the past few weeks, month or however the hell long it's been - I appreciate it and you.

Indigo said...

So this is what they meant when they said there would be days like this...

I'm so glad the black kitten is thriving despite the vets predictions. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow :o)

Hope that Bailey's did the trick.