Saturday, April 4, 2009

Of all the luck

I'm on my mini-vacation. I take one night a year to go somewhere. One. And I'm sick. Maybe a bad cold? Don't know. I tell everyone, you don't start to feel better till you give whatever illness you have to someone else. Guess who started to feel better today? What's that Jasmine, your fever of 102 broke today and now you're running around the entire hotel like a maniac... hmmm I feel a tickle in my throat. Several hours later it's one of those tickles that feels like if you're not drinking something constantly, then you will cough. Only it sounds like a fake cough since there's nothing there. It's just a tickle. You try your best not to cough. You tell yourself it's in your head. Only to make it five minutes and end up in a worse coughing fit than you would've had if you had just coughed the first time you had the urge. Go figure, when I was leaving the house, I thought 'Maybe I should grab some sinus/cold medicine just in case.' Guess what I thought I wouldn't need?

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Beth said...

Urgh, I'm sorry you got sick on your trip! I hope it doesn't get too bad, and that you can still enjoy yourself.

Hugs, Beth