Monday, April 13, 2009


My stray kitty is back... and extremely pregnant. I normally wouldn't be able to tell from a distance but she's very skinny, except for her giant, low hanging belly. I figure I only have a matter of days to catch her before the babies are born. I spent a good deal of time in the garage trying to do just that tonight. I let her know I was bringing out canned food (I swear, cats, even feral ones, know the sound of a metal can means good food) and then set it inside the garage door, with it open wide enough for her to get in. I then, sat inside one of the cars and waited... and waited... and then for a change of pace, I waited some more. She never showed. Damn street smart cat. My plan was to hit the garage door button while I was in the car and the garage would be closed, hopefully with the cat still inside. Eventually, I got frustrated and put the food out by the trash (which is where I found her earlier in the night, eating) and went inside. It wasn't till about five hours later that I found the food had been eaten. (I can see the plate from my kitchen window) I'm going to have to get smarter than this cat and soon.

Happy Bunny Day.

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Beth said...

Hmm, she's a clever little girl, isn't she? Maybe when she's ready to have her kittens, she'll find a place close to your house.