Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy, there's a worm

When a little girl wakes you up insisting there's a bad worm climbing around your room, insisting that it's going to climb on you, you should listen. I did not. I figured she was nutty and rolled over, went back to sleep. Not long after, she dragged my husband into the bedroom, who I heard say 'Holy shit, wtf is that thing???' Most women would get up, be alarmed, at the very least, curious. Not me, I stayed in bed, until the bug was caught on the wall next to my head. I really enjoy my sleep. I believe I glanced at the bug in the bottom of the pitcher my husband was carrying, told him they live all over the house and to please not kill it but set it outside. I actually think I repeated don't kill it a few times. And then I went back to sleep. :) My next post will give you a better understanding of what the "worm" actually was.

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