Thursday, April 16, 2009

Headaches and kittens and tigers... oh my!

All day I've had a migraine brewing. I only have one pill left for my migraines and I've decided to save it for an earth shattering, blow your brains out to stop the pain type of migraine. Shawn said he had some stuff from his doctor but he'd never taken it. I decide screw it, what can happen, it gets worse? Well, the pills didn't do anything and now I can't stop shaking my leg. (this habit of mine tends to drive every single one of my family members absolutely insane... I rarely even realize I'm doing it till I get yelled at to quit) Turns out, the pills were loaded with caffeine. I may just as well have drank four cups of coffee. My kids have been unusually loud, even for them. Thanks guys! Just wait till you hit your teens... you are so getting embarrassed every chance I get.

I got my kittens and momma today after going out to eat with my dad. Mom is a medium hair with some nice markings with three kittens. All three kittens could've come from a totally different litter, none of them look alike. We have one black kitten, one grey tabby and one mostly white with a few grey splotches. The grey tabby seems pretty weak. It hasn't even attempted to latch on, whereas the other two are very eager. Mom started with an icky eye some time today and two of the kittens have some eye issues. I've been treating them all and hopefully it won't turn into something more. I have medication just in case but if they get sick at all, it's unlikely the kittens will survive. If mom doesn't step up and start feeding them more often, she'll have to be caged. I don't want to do it but the kittens have to be fed. This is the first time in who knows how long that she hasn't been in a cage. At the other fosters homes, she was being kept caged away from other foster cats to keep her and the kittens from getting sick with anything. Tomorrow I'm going to take the large bunny cage out and wash it really well in case we end up needing to cage her. I'll let her out a few times a day to get some exercise but not for long. I need to go in there again tonight and turn on the kittens heating pad once more before I go to sleep. (it turns off on it's own) It always amazes me that these kittens do so poorly in shelter type situations and yet, so many stray kittens and moms seem to flourish when they have nothing. I promise to get some pictures up soon.

Tomorrow I'm going to start preparing my flower boxes for planting. They have perennials in them but they tend to look more like weeds so I'm offing them. They are large boxes, probably ten feet by two feet. The top box I'm going to put in sunflowers, lots of them and all different colors. I haven't decided on the bottom one. I'm leaving a few of the plants that are in the bottom, like the day lilies. I love zinnia's but they get so damned tall. I also have a very large area in the backyard that I'm going to plant some flowers... again I have no idea what, although I was thinking of going with flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. There are some beautiful tiger lilies that grow in that area as well, I just wish they were spread out a little instead of right on top of one another. Jasmine can't wait to help me dig in the dirt. We're going to buy her some small (strong plastic, not metal) gardening tools. Now I just have to get the little to cooperate and stay asleep while we're outside.

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Beth said...

I hope Mama and her kitties will thrive in your care!

There are great wildflower mixes for hummingbirds and butterflies. I also love the variety and color of mixes like that, although the coneflowers always seem to do the best!

Hugs, Beth