Monday, April 20, 2009

Just some jabbering

I found a few flower seeds I want to order later this week. One is a giant morning glory. The blooms get up to six inches! As I said to my husband, I must have this flower. I wasn't going to do morning glories this year but when I saw this rare flower, I decided I could buy some pots and use them on our small deck. They are chocolate morning glories for anyone who is interested. I'm also going to order some sage from the same person. I've been wanting to get some for a while to cleanse my house but never got around to it. They combine shipping so why not. Yes, I'm an atheist who wants sage to cleanse her house. As I've mentioned before, I have fairly strong feelings about native american way of life and I feel like if anyone has it "right" it would be them. We haven't had anything too weird happen here in this house but better safe than sorry. I would like to do away with any bad juju that may be lurking. (that's my own made-up word btw) Good juju is welcome to stay but bad juju must make a hasty retreat. I've seen enough weird juju type shit to feel pretty strongly that ghosts do exist. My tattoo artist is a pokagon indian. He moved into this house a few years ago and things got so bad with the bad juju in the house that his three kids started sleeping in bed with him. He had an elder come into his house and cleanse it with the sage and hasn't had any problems since then. It still took the kids a while to move back into their bedrooms but whatever was in that house was absolutely terrorizing them, particularly his son. I will also be getting some sage for my mom's house, which is the first she's hearing of it. It definitely has bad juju. I will eventually have to live there when we sell this house and I want the bad juju gone before I come back. The juju in that house is quite frankly, a bitch.

I named the momma cat tonight. She will be Kasima or Sassy Kassy. Kasima is an Arabic name meaning beautiful, elegance. Which is exactly the two words I put in the search engine to find the cat a name. She exudes both of those things. She's a lovely cat overall. She's one of the nicest cats I've ever had, personally or as a foster. The white kitten is still not showing any signs of illness but the black one still has drainage from it's eyes and nose. I actually had to spend a few minutes with a warm rag trying to get the one eye opened. I was hoping Kassy would clean the eye during the day and encourage it to open back up but I eventually realized she wasn't going to do it. Hopefully they'll either be going to the vet in a few hours or I'll be running to the vet to get some medicine. I'm not naming the kittens until I feel we're out of the woods.


Beth said...

Juju really IS a word! It comes from Africa, and I think it might be used in voodoo, or at least has the same origin as voodoo.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I knew exactly what you meant by JuJu, we have used that word before also. Did not know you were planning on moving soon.