Saturday, April 18, 2009

My tongue may have third degree burns... but it was sooo worth it

I made quite possibly the best brownies known to man tonight. If you've ever eaten at T.G.I.F.'s, it tasted very similar to their dessert, brownie obsession, only not quite as rich. It was fantastic. I even woke my husband up to have him try and it and I cannot repeat on here what he said but it was a positive review. :) It had 14oz of caramel mixed into it... mmmmmm yummy.

My kittens are all still alive but I really don't expect the little gray one to make it. I haven't seen him eat anything and I have to force him to take milk from me. I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to eat or if his nose is so stuffed up that it makes it hard for him to get anything. The white one still looks pretty healthy and is a food hound. The black one is still eating but looks like hell. As long as he keeps eating really well, he has a fighting chance. I would hate to lose all of them.

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Beth said...

Burned tongue? Ouch, I hate that!

Sorry the one kitten isn't doing well. Maybe he'll turn the corner and start eating soon. :(

Hugs, Beth