Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm a wee bit stoned right now so you'll have to forgive anything that doesn't make sense. I took a migraine pill a few hours ago and when I had absolutely no relief, I broke down and took 25mg of Ultram. Now I don't feel like my brain is about to erupt out my skull but I do feel a bit... odd. I was going to take a vicodin but I was unable to find them where my husband claims to have left them for me. Then again, my head hurt so bad that I was frantically pulling pills out of the cabinet till I found anything that looked like it might take away the pain.

The kitties are all still alive and seem to be improving. The black one needs to go to the vet again due to an ulcer on his eye but other than his eyes, he's getting better. I'm still hand feeding them but have very slowly began transitioning them to canned food.

We went out to eat and then grocery shopping today. (Sunday) While we were gone, we had left the aussie's and border collie outside. When we got home, two out of four dogs were missing. I felt sick. We live in a quiet neighborhood but it's a busy road and there is a busy road a block or so over as well. My husband drove around for a long time looking for them but found nothing. After coming home, he went to look again. I didn't think he'd find them and I'd spend the night worrying. When he finally came back home, he had found both of them a road over. They are both in need of a bath. I don't know where they went but they smell like a swamp and are wet and dirty. I don't know of any water close by so I can only imagine what they went swimming in. My brain has had as much writing as it can take for now. If I continue, it's just going to be jibberish.


Lisa said...

I would have been frantic with the dogs loose. Sooooooo happy to hear they are now home safe & sound.

Hope the migraine is better soon.

Beth said...

I hope you feel better by actually made pretty good sense!

Glad the kittehs are all doing well, and that the puppehs were found. There's still plenty of water back in our marshy area, so they probably found some to play around in somewhere!

Hugs, Beth