Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The straw of doom

I wish I knew what was bothering this kid. He's alternating between fussing/crying and then laughing more than we've ever been able to get him to, as he stares at something I can't see. I'm thinking 'Dude, seriously, you're freaking me out.' And I'd like the ghost to keep him happy, stop slacking off. At first I thought maybe he had an earache but now I'm thinking he's teething... at two months old. Is that how this is going to go kid? Do everything months in advance? At this rate, he'll be crawling in a few days and walking in weeks. I look forward to when he can hold his head up and sit up on his own, past that... I can wait. Once they start moving around, they start making messes. No thank you.

Earlier in the evening, I had gotten myself a cherry dr. pepper. (best pop EVER by the way) I almost always drink my pop out of a straw when possible. (I'm trying to put off having my teeth bleached for as long as possible... dark pop stains teeth, the straw bypasses the teeth) I have been running low on straws as I keep forgetting to grab more at the store. I finally found one in a drawer, at the back. I took my pop to the bedroom with me and went to take my first sip. When I felt something very not liquid-like. I quickly fished it out of my throat. Hoping it was just a couple of hairs or a piece of lint that had magically ended up in my cup between the pouring and the walking to the bedroom. I grabbed a light and realized it was the body of some bug. *gag, gag, gag* I ran to the kitchen and did a little dry heaving. I took the straw with me and sure enough, some bug had decided to set up shop in the straw and I sucked half him up it with my pop. Not sure if I'll ever look at a straw the same way again... or maybe I should say I'll never not look before I drink again.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Day ;)

I had an excellent day today. Last night, the kids both went to sleep and stayed asleep so I was able to sleep when was, you know, still dark outside. Which meant, I was up a lot earlier than I have been. I called my mom and we went out to the mall. (with both kids, Shawn was helping some friends build a deck) We wandered through the stores and chatted. Jasmine was behaving for the first time in weeks. Evan was a little fussy. Ok, I'm lying, at one point and time he was full out screaming. He was having belly pain. One trip up the elevator and he fell asleep however. (too bad we didn't realize that during the 20 minutes of on and off screaming fit) I bought Jasmine two super cute shirts. Very adorable. Evan got one of those tiny blankets with a frog attached to it since he likes to chew on soft things more than binkys. He loves it. We sat and ate at Max and Erma's. It was just really nice to get out. Plus, I haven't gotten to see or speak to my mom much the last few weeks. I always seem to be asleep when she gets home from work. Basically, I missed my mommy. :) After we got home, me and Jasmine painted in her new book today. I've been putting off painting with her because it's messy and I'm normally miserable. Well, it's been long enough since the last time she painted and she seems to get the idea now. Before I knew it, we'd been painting for two hours. It was just a nice day. I keep waiting for something bad to happen. My good days usually go that way. I keep glancing at the phone thinking it's going to ring with bad news at any moment. Maybe I should go to bed quickly. haha

Friday, March 27, 2009

Say bye-bye self esteem

Wow. Talk about a kick to the ole self esteem. We (he) got lost on the way to the plastic surgeon today, making me 20 minutes late. If we (he) had just listened to me in the first place, I would've only been a few minutes late. Thankfully, the doctor was running behind. He came in and we discussed what I wanted. Then he looked at one side and said we could forgo a lift if I went with implants since I was only borderline in need of a lift but then he looked at the other side. "Wow, there's a significant size difference between the two." Gee, thanks doc because, you know, I wasn't already self conscious about that. Then he said I would definitely need a lift and he wouldn't feel comfortable doing one without the other. I was hoping to get away without the implants but he says I will always be quite asymmetrical if I don't. Right now, I'm looking at 100cc on one side and 300cc on the other, silicone memory gel implants. If either side has a defect in the first ten years, the company pays the entire cost of another surgery to fix it. If it EVER has a defect after ten years, they pay for a new implant but not a new surgery. My boobies will have a lifetime warranty. :) The earliest he will do the surgery would be four months since I just had a baby. He likes to wait a total of six months after a baby is born or six months after you stop breast feeding. I don't know when I'll be able to do it though since I can't seem to get financing through anybody without a co-signer. Shawn would like to just pay cash but we're not great at saving large sums of money when we know it's for a "fun" expense and not bills. I have to do it the weekend before he goes on vacation so that he is home to help me all week with the kids. The doctor says I should be off pain medication by the third or fourth day and that I'll still be allowed to lift Evan but not Jasmine. I just want to do it and get it over with so I can look/feel normal again. These kids killed my body. Doc asked how I looked before the kids and I said normal. He turned and said see what you did? haha Before he came in, Jasmine was messing with the sample implants, squishing them. Shawn was fine with it till I told him how much those implants cost and then he told her to put them back very carefully. She was playing with a $900 dollar squishy toy. He seems to think I have a very good chance of having some nice looking... assets when everything is all said and done. Oh, and I get a massage included in the price of my surgery. A massage of my implants. I'm not kidding. The last thing I want is some stranger massaging my new boobs. That's going to be awwwwkward. :)

I took the dogs out yesterday and on the way back in, I noticed something on the house. It was a teeny little tree frog. I took a few pictures of him. Poor guy was freezing. I'm sure the froggies will be glad when it warms up permanently. He was soooo cute. :) I just love froggies. Jasmine was mad that she was asleep and didn't get to see him.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quiet please... shushie

I've had twenty minutes of total quiet. Jasmine hasn't stopped making noise for weeks. Running, yelling, screaming (mostly all in the playing sense.. mostly), riding a car through the house, playing musical instruments... then singing as loudly as she can to them. And I've been begging her to shut up for weeks. Evan sleeps through most of it. Before you know it, he'll be making noise too. I'm going to have to invest in bulk amounts of ear plugs to keep my sanity. It's only a few more weeks till it really warms up... at least that's what I keep telling myself. I'll be opening the back door and letting her run like a wild animal. Hopefully I'll be able to get my flower boxes cleaned out during that time. We have perennials planted in them. My grandma planted them years ago. They're not... very attractive flowers. And until they get flowers, they look like large weeds. My plan is to pull each and every one of them and keep pulling till they stop coming up. Then I'm going to use the bottom box for vegetables and the top box will probably have mostly sunflowers. (I love sunflowers... I just want to hug 'em) The flower box in the backyard needs some kind of fence around it before I can plant anything there. Last year the dogs trampled my tulips within hours of the flower finally opening. Oh yeah, I'm getting the spring bug. I can't wait to start planting. Who knew I would look forward to this so much every year once we got our own house?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No exercise makes me restless?

I'm not too pleased with this whole being female thing at the moment. Cramps from hell. My doctors should be forced to give me darvecet for five days out of every month. I'm dead serious. I haven't had a period off of birth control in something like six or seven years. They hurt. I spent most of yesterday whining... and then some more today. I haven't been able to work out since the day I had these moles removed, last Thursday. The positions all rub on one of the two sores I now have and now I have the cramps that make just the thought of exercise painful. I guess now I know why I was so irrationally pissed off the other day though. Thanks PMS for ruining two days. I went nine months without having to think about this stuff and now it just smacked me in the face full force. 'Hey! Guess what? I'm baaaaack.'

I've gotten quite a bit accomplished in the last couple of days however since I'm unable to workout and whatnot. We moved a dresser into our bedroom and I moved most of our clothes into it. (not Shawn's, he keeps his clothes in his office so he doesn't wake anyone up when he gets up for work at 4am) I cleaned out the ferrets cage... from top to bottom. Not a small feat considering it's taller than I am. I usually just clean out the top or the bottom and then do the other part the next time. I was moving it out of my husband's office though so I figured I would just clean it completely. Dirty little weasel bastards. I still have a few litter boxes to buy before I'll be letting them use the entire cage 24 hours a day. They need a litter box in every single corner or else they go potty in the corners that don't have litter boxes and then the litter boxes stay spotless. I cleaned most of the kitchen today. I just have a little corner left to do. I'll start on the living room tomorrow probably and then move onto the side rooms.

Thursday I have my consult with the plastic surgeon. I probably won't go to sleep the night before. I don't think I would get up if I fall asleep. Most of the time, I don't even remember my husband trying to get me out of bed so I'd probably sleep straight through an alarm. The kids don't wake up to it either so they wouldn't be of any help. (now if I were to sigh too heavily while I was trying to go to sleep, they'd both wake up but the alarm blaring loud enough that I can hear it across the house and they don't flinch) Going to need coffee that day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How is that even ALIVE right now?

What kind of dog gets a tick in the middle of March? I mean really, we're what, two days into Spring? Really? I'm surprised I saw it at all since it blends in with the dog. It was Cash, our fawn doberman pincher. The tick was literally the same color as he is. Being that it was very early morning, I didn't wan to wake up my husband to help me pull a tick off him so I tried to do it myself. Imagine me, in my kitchen, on a slippery floor. I have a seventy pound wiggling dog, a tick within an inch of said dog's eye and I have to take tweezers to rip it out. The dog never stops moving under normal circumstances but it was made even worse by me being on the floor with him, this close to his face. I managed to get a hold of the tick and ripped it out. The tick is definitely dead, which I'm sure of being as his insides were on the outside... and his head was missing. @#(&! Now I have to try and dig the ticks head out of the dog's face. I eventually had to give up for the night as the cats were making Cash very nervous and he was beginning to growl at them. They were circling him as if getting ready for some sick gang initiation. I was slightly frightened I may be next so we headed for a more secluded room where only the smartest of cats could've managed to infiltrate. He's bleeding a little now... and the tick head is still in his face. *sigh* I'll have to get the assistance of my husband tomorrow to help me hold him while I do some... digging. I'm so glad my dogs don't try and eat me when I am forced to cause them pain. I hear it's not a fun way to go.

Ready for sleep now

Evan went to the doctor today and got some shots. (3 total stabs and one was a shot with multiple vaccines) We get to do it again in May. He's only had one full bottle since 8pm and it's now 3:30am. He's been crying a lot and sleeping. I hated going through these with Jasmine. After her first or second set, she ended up with a fever of 102. We'll be keeping an eye on him for the next 24 hours as that seems to be when the fever hits with these vaccines. I had thought they'd stopped vaccinating for Polio but I was wrong as he got that vaccine today. Several weeks ago, we made the discovery that he has an undescended testicle. Shawn talked to the doctor about it today. They used to wait till 5 years of age to treat it but they've found in the last such-n-such years that waiting that long can cause testicular cancer later on in life. I think if it hasn't come down on it's own by one year, they will take action. Even though it's rare, being a mom and hearing the C-word about your two month old baby is scary. Hopefully in a few more months, it will decide to make it's presence known. God, the kid is going to hate me when he's older and finds out I posted for the world to see that his testicles were abnormal. :)

After April 1st, I won't have to worry about birth control for ten years. That's crazy to think about. I have problems taking the pills as the hormones affect me adversely. After talking with my regular physician (as I trust only him 100% as far as my doctor's go and know he wouldn't advise me to do something if he wasn't certain of it's safety) I have decided to get an IUD. No hormones, no pills, nothing for ten years. And no one getting snip snipped until we're certain we're done having kids. Now if they approve male birth control in those ten years for distribution and they prove to be safe, my husband can start taking something or getting injected and I'll be done completely with all birth control.

Tomorrow we're going to take Jasmine to see Coraline in 3D. I've never seen a movie in 3D so I wanted to go even if we didn't take Jazz. :) We've decided not to eat at the movies however as it just ends up getting to expensive. We'll grab something beforehand and then get Jazz a small popcorn.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I be sore

Well, that appointment sucked. The numbing medication burned, thankfully only for a few seconds. Then came the smell. Wow. Burning flesh has a way of staying with you for a while. I came home, changed my clothes and I swear I can still smell it. Ick. I didn't feel him take it off but I heard it. No stitches were needed. You know it's going to hurt when your doctor says 'Now this is really going to sting. Please don't hit me.' I swear, that's what he said. That was when he was getting ready to numb the one in my armpit. And he was right, it really stung. I managed to control myself however, and let him go unharmed. :) The area stayed numb till about an hour after I got home and then the pain set in. I don't feel one of them at all but the one under my arm has been super uncomfortable. My guess is that it's a more sensitive area and it also happens to be a place where you sweat more often than anywhere else. After I left the doctor's office, I began to shake. All that adrenaline had no where to go. At least I was able to control myself and didn't pass out. (although before we got there I was pretty convinced it would happen) Over the years I've gotten better at learning how to breath and distract my brain a little. I still plan on going back and getting a handful of others removed, including one on my face.

I left Evan alone in his bouncer for a few minutes while I went into the bedroom to help clean up a mess Jasmine had made. When I got back, he was crying a little. I figured he was just upset that we had all left him. Then I noticed his hand was bleeding. One of the cats must (Saffron) jumped onto him while he was in the bouncer. I'm assuming they were chasing each other and he was used as a human trampoline. I was no pleased with the kitty. Then I had to make him cry all over again while I scrubbed it clean. Jasmine got upset when she saw his hand because she thought she had done it. Earlier she had pinched his hand (the other one), I'm assuming just to see what his reaction would be. I used to do similar things to my brother when he was a baby. It's a cause and effect thing I think. I had to tell her several times she didn't do it that the cat did it but she didn't look convinced.

Speaking of Jasmine. She's getting in her last set of molars right now. She's been saying for several days that her mouth hurts. Ok, actually she says she has the mumps and that her mumps hurt. (she saw it on a cartoon) I tried to explain to her that she was getting new teeth in. Big mistake. She had a meltdown and said she didn't want new teeth, she wanted her teeth. She wanted me to take her to the doctor so they could cut out the new teeth. We haven't mentioned the teeth since then. I just agree that she has the mumps and they'll get better in a while. Kids are weird about some things. Really.

I have a guy who is pretty interested in Rocky. (pit bull) He has a blue pit and wants a companion for her. It sounds like a pretty good fit. He knows a lot about the breed and goes to training sessions with other pit owners. At least this one wrote me back. Everyone else who has been interested in him has sent one email, I reply to them and never hear another word.

The usual drudgery

Tomorrow I have those two moles removed. It'll be nice to never worry about them again. Then again, I fear needles and having my body cut into pieces, even if it's a part of my body that I don't want anymore. Yeah, and I think I can have plastic surgery. HA! A week from tomorrow is my consultation with the plastic surgeon. I really need to get on making my other appointments. My eye doctor can wait a little while but I really need to call my OB. My appointment with them should've been six weeks after Evan was born. Evan is going on nine weeks old. Do you think I'm going to get a lecture??

Speaking of Evan. He has a belly ache today. What that means for the rest of us is that we get to listen to him fuss and scream intermittently for hours at a time. When it gets to be too much, I've been sticking him in one of his various baby contraptions and letting him cry for a while. A few times it's managed to put him to sleep. And a few times, he's just cried more. Babies are such... babies. Wahhh I have to poop, wahhhh. Get over it. :)

I brought in our old recycling containers tonight for Jasmine's toys. I had to clean them first, obviously but they worked quite well. You can see the carpet in her room again. My uncle gave us a few dressers and soon we'll be a little more organized. Maybe I'll actually be able to locate our clothes without digging through a pile that's been left on the guest bed. The horror!

If I wasn't worried about the munchkins waking up, I would go to another set of pilates. I don't feel the workouts as much during or immediately after as I would like to. When I work out, I want to struggle, curse the instructor and wish for death. I usually feel it to some degree the next day but only if I'm working those muscles. I think I'll start doing the dance dance revolution earlier in the day and then in the evening, I'll do the pilates. Throughout the day I'll do lunges and squats, as I've already been doing. (it doesn't take long to do 50 of them at a time... you can do it while you're waiting for the microwave to finish cooking, the water to get to a certain temperature from the faucet, etc.) I'm enjoying working out quite a bit more now than before I had kids. Before it was a chore. Now it's more of a "me" time thing. Jasmine knows that's the one time during the day where she absolutely has to wait on whatever it is she's wanting, unless it's a potty thing. Now, Evan doesn't seem to have the concept down but I suppose I can give him till four months of age to start scolding him. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sssscary movie

I am thinking of taking Jasmine to see Coraline in 3D this weekend. At first I was concerned when I read the reviews stating that it probably isn't a good idea to bring kids under 7 to the movie due to the scariness of the movie. Then I remembered. My kid has seen I Am Legend and The Dark Knight, both in theatre. She can handle a scary kid's movie. My 3 year old can kick a 12 year olds ass any day. ;)

Welcome Spring weather

Jasmine is fine today. I really wish this would stop happening. I never know when we're going to wake up and she's going to be sick again. I'm going to ask her doctor about it at her yearly check-up.

She was able to play outside for a while today. It was pretty windy out there though so 70 felt a little more like 60. I even had a sweatshirt on. The dogs took turns laying next to me. I'm not sure if it was jealousy or trying to help keep me warm. Doesn't matter, I stole as much body heat from the furry monsters as I could get. All three of the aussies are my little sidekicks. The only time they leave my side is if Jasmine is calling them.
Our mini rex rabbit, Scrappy died today. I had a feeling it was going to happen soon. He was starting to show his age. A few days ago he got a runny eye and wasn't eating as well. Then when I checked on him today, he was gone. We had him for seven or eight years. Cleaning his cage was always an issue as I was pretty allergic to him and would spend hours sneezing afterwards. We had planned on getting two female dwarfs from a shelter after he passed but I think we're going to wait a few years till life calms down.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not again

Yeesh, what a long day. I was looking forward to warm temperatures, playing outside with the dogs and just enjoying the day. My daughter had other ideas. We once again had a day full of unexplained vomiting. All day long she was throwing up on blankets. I had a ton of laundry to do. At least she didn't spike a fever this time. She did almost end up at the doctor's office, at the very least. We were in bed and she said she had to pee and that she wanted me to carry her to the bathroom. Once I got to the bedroom door, I had to set her down to open it. Instead of bearing weight, she just collapsed onto the floor. I sat down with her and her eyes kept rolling up into her head. She was acting like she was just going to go to sleep right there, sitting up. I had to slap her in the face a few times to get her to respond. We went to the bathroom but she just sat on the toilet and kept doing the same thing with her eyes going up into her head. Eventually she said she wanted to go back to bed and asked me to turn on one of her shows, by the time I turned around, she was asleep on the bed. My husband called a few minutes after that and we decided if she didn't wake up acting more normal, that we'd take her to the doctor. A few minutes later, she was asleep and started vomiting but woke up. She remembered everything that had happened earlier. She continued to throw up for a few hours but in between, she was acting ok so we decided to forgo the doctor. She took a nap around 6 and has been fine since she woke up. She's currently looking forward to playing outside tomorrow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Magazine help please?

Does anyone know of some good REAL magazines out there? I like Marie Claire but only the articles that are about things that happen around the world, not the fashion and make-up crap. Seems like all the magazines out there that are geared towards women have the following on the cover - something about "pleasing" your man, how to keep/find a man, how to dress (probably for a man), how to apply make-up (ditto). Why not, something with some substance? I picked up a Time magazine this week and will flip through it and see if it holds my attention. I don't want to know how to get/keep/please/dress for/etc. for a man. If the one I have, doesn't like me the way I am then tough. If I needed to make changes to certain behaviors that might hurt his feelings or cause friction in the relationship, fine but if you don't like my effin' make-up, go find something you do like. (my husband loves me the way that I am by the way) I was thinking of trying a National Geographic but I'm not sure if it's geared towards what I'm interested in. And really, I'm not completely sure what that is, until I find it.

Sleep, it's not life or death

It was a long weekend but a good one. I have now been up for over 36 hours. I should be sleeping but, I'm not really tired right now. I got to spend the last almost 36 hours with my husband (he took a nap... wimp). These last two weeks, I really haven't seen much of him. When he's asleep, I'm awake and vice versa. We got breakfast today, went to my mom's, played outside on the swings, and went to my uncle's. That's the most I've done in a day in... well I can't remember. Before I was pregnant it seems. I really wish people lived off less sleep. I wouldn't want to forgo all sleep because, I like dozing off. However, I'd like to be able to survive off more like 2 hours than 8 to 10. I could live with 2 hours out of my day devoted to sleep. But, I want my kids to sleep much longer than that. HA!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

That's not a volley ball

This past week, I took Rocky out in the early morning hours to go potty. While outside, I thought I saw a bird nest in the magnolia tree. I was thinking it would probably be some sort of finch nest since it was on the branches and not secured at the trunk of the tree. I didn't have my contacts in so I had to get pretty close to the tree before I was fully aware of what it was. It turned out to be a very large hornet nest. (I believe it to be a baldfaced hornet) It's about the size of a volley ball. We'll actually have to cut some of the branches off the tree to remove it. I didn't stick around to look at it for very long but I did get some pictures, which I will post later on. I was doing some research online and it turns out that they typically will not reuse a nest and once winter sets in, they all die. I'm thinking of cutting it open to get a look at the inside structure. I think it would be neat to see it from a different view but I want to be sure I won't be harming anything inside. I can't believe this massive thing went un-noticed all summer and fall. It's not far from our backdoor so you would think one of us would've been observant enough to see it. I do remember Shawn saying he was mowing over in that area one day and had rubbed up against the trees. He said the sky turned black and he didn't stick around to see where they were coming from. It concerns me because I have a moderate allergic reaction from one sting (at least the last time I checked, which has been since I was 10 or so). I don't doubt that several at once would kill me. My main reason for concern is the kids. They have never been stung so I don't yet know what their reaction would be and I don't want to find out from a hive of them attacking us. If I thought something was still living in there, I was going to take it out to a field but I've also read that sometimes these hornets take to killing honey bees, which we all know are not expendable right now. Looks like this nest is going to be used to my science brain food. ;) I'll be sure to include pictures of that as well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Eat, Sleep and Scream - then repeat

I ate, you can all breathe a sigh of relief. :) I fit into a smaller size of pants now. I now have three pairs of pants that I fit into. My husband keeps telling me to buy more jeans but then I can get lazy and just wear that size for however long. This way, I have to lose weight to wear clothes. It's strange, but it works for me. I only did squats last night, since most of my weight is in my butt and thighs. I'll go back to the pilates on Monday. After the workout the other day, my abs are still sore.
I wasn't able to make it 24 hours without sleep. I guess in my old age, I just can't make it that far anymore. :) (for those unaware I'm 26 but my husband and mom say I act like an old woman) My husband is supposed to actually wake me up today when he gets home so that I'll only have a few hours of sleep. He fell asleep right after he walked in the door last night and didn't wake me.

Evan finally fell asleep yesterday morning at 11am. He didn't wake up again until 7pm. And he really didn't wake up. He was just making a lot of stretching noises so I made a bottle and fed him. He never actually opened his eyes. He then slept till 10pm before he finally woke up. And it wasn't pretty. I had a sore throat all last week and I think he has it now. If he was older, I would've thought he was teething because he has been drooling a lot the last two days. But I think it's because it hurts to swallow since he's drinking his bottles kind of funny. At one time, he screamed for 45 minutes and that is definitely NOT like him. The only time Evan cries is if he's in pain and if he's REALLY hungry. (and the stupid adults have failed to recognize that in a timely fashion) I eventually got him to fall asleep in one of Jasmine's chairs. Which she was very not pleased about. I had to promise to buy her a toy to get her off my back. I won't do it again but desperate times and all that. The chair vibrates and I was able to pat his back through the fabric and get him to fall asleep. I then proceeded to tip toe through the house till he woke up again. Even Jasmine was quieter than usual. I guess the screaming finally got to her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lacking in general

I'm so tired and I have only been up for 12 hours. Yeah that's right, I didn't get up until 9pm. It was a long night/day the previous day, let's just leave it at that. I'm attempting to stay awake today so I can fix my sleep schedule. I don't know if I'm going to make it. Actually, at this point, I strongly doubt that I'll make it. Shawn is supposed to wake me up when he gets home so hopefully, it'll be more of nap than going to sleep. I'm not sure I'll have a choice if Evan doesn't go to sleep and stay that way for more than a few minutes. Jasmine isn't helping the situation. I wish it was dinner time. I don't feel like making anything right now but it's been about 36 hours since the last time I ate something. This is the second time this week that I will have gone 48 hours without eating. The first was Saturday night till Monday night and that was because I really wasn't feeling well. This time is more stress than anything. It's no wonder I want to sleep, I don't have anything in me to keep me awake. I'm basically just rambling at this point.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lack of sleep + Stress = Silly me

My son is seven weeks old, he should sleep more. He just finally went to sleep at 7am after being awake for over 8 HOURS. Someone broke his sleep switch or something. And I want to know who damnit. :) But I found a way to exercise when he won't let me. I figured out that in the time it takes for the toliet to flush completely and stop making noise, I can do 42 squats. :)


I've been reading a lot the last few weeks. I can only read a little at a time before one of the kids needs something but it prolongs my reading enjoyment. Otherwise, I'd read most books in one or two sittings. Particularly if it's a really gripping book. Right now I'm reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I had no idea it was the bestsellers list until after I bought it. I don't pick my books based on popularity or the cover. More often than not, a particular book just draws me into it for no apparent reason. I don't even need to see the cover, just the binding and I know I'll buy it. I read every book from cover to cover, no matter how awful it may be. I once read some where that if a book hasn't gotten you by page 150, it's just not going to happen but I always finish them just in case. So far, the page 150 rule has been right every time. At any rate, the book I'm reading right now is about a fifty year old college professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. I'm about halfway through it now. It's really got me thinking about the possibility of my mom, myself or my children having the disease. I don't think we'd have the gene for early onset but I would not be surprised if one of us has one of the other gene's that causes Alzheimer's. There's a lot to suggest that my great grandma on my mom's side had dementia or Alzheimer's. She was never diagnosed with anything but it was pretty clear one holiday when she was at my grandparents house and she told my great grandfather that she didn't know anyone there and that she wanted to go home. My grandfather was her son. My grandfather was in his 70's when he passed away and never showed any signs that I'm aware of that he had any type of dementia. We don't know yet about my grandmother. She has memory problems but doesn't want to address them. Only time will tell. My dad's mom has been diagnosed with dementia. The doctor's claim it was brought on by chemotherapy. But who knows that she hadn't already had symptoms of the disease before she started the chemo and that no one had noticed it? In the book, Alice is screened for different genetic mutations to see if she carries the gene for Alzheimer's. And then her kids are tested. I started wondering if I would want to know or not. I don't think I would. But then I also wondered if I'd have wanted to know BEFORE I had kids, in case I could pass it on to them. I just don't know. If I did have it, my kids would have a 50/50 chance on inheriting the gene. Would I really want to know that? Maybe when I got older, I would want to know so I could take preventative measures before I became symptomatic. I don't to spend my into my fifties worrying about something that may or may not happen. With the advancements of science come more choices to be made about what we do and do not want to about what lives in our bodies. Makes you think, that's for sure. By the way, the book was good from the start.

Snippy Snippy

I have a consultation in two weeks with the plastic surgeon. It should be fun to have my body judged with a very critical eye. Yeesh. I don't suppose I could be a super physically fit person in two weeks time huh? Next week I'm having some cutting done to my poor body. It's an appointment I've been putting off but I felt like if I have the balls to have major surgery, then I should have them to do this too. I'm having two moles removed and not for cosmetic reasons either. One rubs continuously on my clothes and bleeds, the other is under my arm and I'm sick of shaving over it. I have a few that I'd like to have removed for cosmetic purposes but I'll wait on those. One is on my face and I'll have that removed by a plastic surgeon to be sure to have the smallest scar and the others will be removed by my normal m.d. I still need to make a few more doctors appointments, three actually but at least this is a start. I'll make the rest for next month or the month after. (dentist, girl doctor and eye doctor)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuffing the body with plastics

I've spent the last few days looking at boobs. Lots of boobs, webpages full of only boobs. I have decided to get some new boobs. Boobs, boobs, boobs. ;) Geez, who knows what kind of people are going to visit my blog through the search engines after that. Yes, my announcement is that I've made the decision to get plastic surgery. I never ever thought I would be a person to get breast augmentation but I had no idea what I would look like after two kids either. I'm 26 and I have the boobs of a much older woman. I hate looking in the mirror. And I avoid it at all costs now if I'm shirtless. I always thought the people that got this surgery were women who were sluts, or young girls too stupid to realize that their small breasts were just as beautiful, if not more so, than the big chested girl down the road. I'm not doing this for anyone other than myself. Again, I always assumed women did this for men, whether it was the men in their life or the men they wanted in their life. I'm aware of the risks and the pain involved. However, I still intend to go through with it. It will be a while however as my body still needs to recover from the last kid I popped out and I need to work on the money needed to pay for the surgery. (which costs more than popping out a kid, by the way) I plan on scheduling my consultation in the next few weeks so that I can get an exact idea of what I'm looking at. I'm planning on a lift with implants but I'll have to wait and see what they tell me is needed for the best results. The doctor I want to go to is in Chicago but I don't need them to tell me he's ridiculously expensive in order to know it. Therefore, I will be going to a more local surgeon as long as I'm satisfied with them after my consultation. So that is the announcement. I will not be leaving blogging. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I've been doing this for a long time now and it's become a part of my daily life. It would be extremely difficult to ever give it up.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Calico's Revenge

I am currently watching a foster cat for one of the other fosters that had to go out of town. She's a small calico with a powerful punch. I don't think the cat should ever be given catnip again. I was interested in seeing what her reaction would be so I threw some on the floor. Then I made the mistake of trying to throw a toy mouse for her. She went for my hand instead. Thank god she has her nails trimmed. My hand still stings. I'm not used to catnip having that effect on a cat. My personal cats just go to sleep after eating it. I'm currently listening to a savage calico run rampant through my house. Is it any wonder my bedroom door is locked? ;)

I have a small announcement to make in the coming days. I'm sure some will have less than positive things to say about it. At one point, I would've had the same reaction but things have changed.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A very good friend of mine tried to overdose on pain killers tonight. She's going to be fine. I don't know what to do. I don't want her to be left alone for even a second but I have two kids of my own to take care of. My brother took the pills but I'm sure there are others in the house some where and there's always other ways to kill yourself. I really think she would be dead right now if my brother hadn't gone over there. She called me but I wasn't home at the time. It's not like I could've predicted that this would happen but I still feel awful that when she needed me, I wasn't there to answer the phone. By the time my brother got there, she had already taken 1800 mg of Lyrica and was finishing writing her suicide letters. He's with her now and will be till morning when he has to go to work. She'll be going to school a few hours after he leaves so she won't be alone for too long and her sister is there as well. I think after she gets home tomorrow I'll go pick her up for the evening. All this time I've been so worried about my brother and what he's been going through. I just feel like I'm going to be sick. I've felt that way since I talked to him hours ago. I wanted to go over there right away but again, I have two small kids. Jasmine loves her so much and I didn't want her to see my friend like that. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't wanna get up for school

I didn't get to sleep till around 11am this morning. I was so exhausted that I couldn't sleep. I think my sinuses were swollen as well because my teeth were hurting, any time I pushed on my cheeks, it hurt worse. Evan woke up about a half hour after I fell asleep but went right back to dreamland as soon as the bottle was finished. The next time he woke up, I had him on my lap. After he was finished with that bottle, I let him lay there for a while since he wasn't totally knocked out, I didn't want to risk moving him and waking him up. I was sitting up and leaned my head against the wall behind my bed. The next thing I knew, Shawn was in the room telling me to call my mom and taking Evan into the other room. It wasn't till later that he told me that I had been passed completely out when he came in. I thought I had been awake the entire time. I can't believe I was so tired that I fell asleep sitting like that. That was the whole point of sitting in an awkward position, so that I wouldn't fall back to sleep with him on my legs. Now, I'm off to read a little bit of my book and relax before, hopefully, going to sleep.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's for dinner?

I had to remove the elizabethan collar from Minka yesterday. Why? She decided it would be a good idea to melt herself to the baseboard heater. She must have laid down next to it to keep her warm with the collar against the heater melted to it and when the heater turned off, the plastic got cold again and hardened. I figured to keep from having smoked cat, I should just take the thing off. I told you, she's retarded.