Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No exercise makes me restless?

I'm not too pleased with this whole being female thing at the moment. Cramps from hell. My doctors should be forced to give me darvecet for five days out of every month. I'm dead serious. I haven't had a period off of birth control in something like six or seven years. They hurt. I spent most of yesterday whining... and then some more today. I haven't been able to work out since the day I had these moles removed, last Thursday. The positions all rub on one of the two sores I now have and now I have the cramps that make just the thought of exercise painful. I guess now I know why I was so irrationally pissed off the other day though. Thanks PMS for ruining two days. I went nine months without having to think about this stuff and now it just smacked me in the face full force. 'Hey! Guess what? I'm baaaaack.'

I've gotten quite a bit accomplished in the last couple of days however since I'm unable to workout and whatnot. We moved a dresser into our bedroom and I moved most of our clothes into it. (not Shawn's, he keeps his clothes in his office so he doesn't wake anyone up when he gets up for work at 4am) I cleaned out the ferrets cage... from top to bottom. Not a small feat considering it's taller than I am. I usually just clean out the top or the bottom and then do the other part the next time. I was moving it out of my husband's office though so I figured I would just clean it completely. Dirty little weasel bastards. I still have a few litter boxes to buy before I'll be letting them use the entire cage 24 hours a day. They need a litter box in every single corner or else they go potty in the corners that don't have litter boxes and then the litter boxes stay spotless. I cleaned most of the kitchen today. I just have a little corner left to do. I'll start on the living room tomorrow probably and then move onto the side rooms.

Thursday I have my consult with the plastic surgeon. I probably won't go to sleep the night before. I don't think I would get up if I fall asleep. Most of the time, I don't even remember my husband trying to get me out of bed so I'd probably sleep straight through an alarm. The kids don't wake up to it either so they wouldn't be of any help. (now if I were to sigh too heavily while I was trying to go to sleep, they'd both wake up but the alarm blaring loud enough that I can hear it across the house and they don't flinch) Going to need coffee that day.


Wes said...


I hope you feel better soon! "Weasel bastards" I sometimes feel the same way! My last living ferret Froto, is one out of many who refused to use a litter box.

So, I had to use card board. I place it in every corner for the same reason. It does work well, I layer it up, and remove a sectoin every day. I do miss the litter though, it was easier! I hope you and your family have good week!


Beth said...

Yeah, I remember when I went off BC. I thought I was hemorrhaging, no lie. It should moderate after a while.

Hugs, Beth