Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lack of sleep + Stress = Silly me

My son is seven weeks old, he should sleep more. He just finally went to sleep at 7am after being awake for over 8 HOURS. Someone broke his sleep switch or something. And I want to know who damnit. :) But I found a way to exercise when he won't let me. I figured out that in the time it takes for the toliet to flush completely and stop making noise, I can do 42 squats. :)


cw2smom said...

42 Squats? Wow! I am impressed! I can't believe that child is THAT old already! My how time flies!! When do we see some photos? Or did I miss a post? Blessings, Lisa

Wes said...

Seven weeks old and it was 7am.
My math says you need 7 more squats!

Just Kidding