Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snippy Snippy

I have a consultation in two weeks with the plastic surgeon. It should be fun to have my body judged with a very critical eye. Yeesh. I don't suppose I could be a super physically fit person in two weeks time huh? Next week I'm having some cutting done to my poor body. It's an appointment I've been putting off but I felt like if I have the balls to have major surgery, then I should have them to do this too. I'm having two moles removed and not for cosmetic reasons either. One rubs continuously on my clothes and bleeds, the other is under my arm and I'm sick of shaving over it. I have a few that I'd like to have removed for cosmetic purposes but I'll wait on those. One is on my face and I'll have that removed by a plastic surgeon to be sure to have the smallest scar and the others will be removed by my normal m.d. I still need to make a few more doctors appointments, three actually but at least this is a start. I'll make the rest for next month or the month after. (dentist, girl doctor and eye doctor)

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Beth said...

Yay you for taking care of your doc deals! Guess what I'm doing on Thursday? Mammogram time (actually past due). I'm thinking a few Advil and a couple of beers before I go. I'm not kidding.

I'm a "moley" person, and I had a few removed several years ago. Partly from a health standpoint, and partly from a cosmetic one. I was so happy to get rid of them!! I know you'll be pleased to get rid of your irritants, too.

Hugs, Beth