Thursday, March 19, 2009

I be sore

Well, that appointment sucked. The numbing medication burned, thankfully only for a few seconds. Then came the smell. Wow. Burning flesh has a way of staying with you for a while. I came home, changed my clothes and I swear I can still smell it. Ick. I didn't feel him take it off but I heard it. No stitches were needed. You know it's going to hurt when your doctor says 'Now this is really going to sting. Please don't hit me.' I swear, that's what he said. That was when he was getting ready to numb the one in my armpit. And he was right, it really stung. I managed to control myself however, and let him go unharmed. :) The area stayed numb till about an hour after I got home and then the pain set in. I don't feel one of them at all but the one under my arm has been super uncomfortable. My guess is that it's a more sensitive area and it also happens to be a place where you sweat more often than anywhere else. After I left the doctor's office, I began to shake. All that adrenaline had no where to go. At least I was able to control myself and didn't pass out. (although before we got there I was pretty convinced it would happen) Over the years I've gotten better at learning how to breath and distract my brain a little. I still plan on going back and getting a handful of others removed, including one on my face.

I left Evan alone in his bouncer for a few minutes while I went into the bedroom to help clean up a mess Jasmine had made. When I got back, he was crying a little. I figured he was just upset that we had all left him. Then I noticed his hand was bleeding. One of the cats must (Saffron) jumped onto him while he was in the bouncer. I'm assuming they were chasing each other and he was used as a human trampoline. I was no pleased with the kitty. Then I had to make him cry all over again while I scrubbed it clean. Jasmine got upset when she saw his hand because she thought she had done it. Earlier she had pinched his hand (the other one), I'm assuming just to see what his reaction would be. I used to do similar things to my brother when he was a baby. It's a cause and effect thing I think. I had to tell her several times she didn't do it that the cat did it but she didn't look convinced.

Speaking of Jasmine. She's getting in her last set of molars right now. She's been saying for several days that her mouth hurts. Ok, actually she says she has the mumps and that her mumps hurt. (she saw it on a cartoon) I tried to explain to her that she was getting new teeth in. Big mistake. She had a meltdown and said she didn't want new teeth, she wanted her teeth. She wanted me to take her to the doctor so they could cut out the new teeth. We haven't mentioned the teeth since then. I just agree that she has the mumps and they'll get better in a while. Kids are weird about some things. Really.

I have a guy who is pretty interested in Rocky. (pit bull) He has a blue pit and wants a companion for her. It sounds like a pretty good fit. He knows a lot about the breed and goes to training sessions with other pit owners. At least this one wrote me back. Everyone else who has been interested in him has sent one email, I reply to them and never hear another word.


cw2smom said...

I did that burning flesh the other day too! Yikes that hurts! Poor Jasmine! Kids take things so literal! She doesn't want NEW teeth! She wants hers! How cute! I have a friend whose daughter got pregnant, then had a miscarriage. Her little brother went to school and said his sister "lost" the baby and "no one was looking for her!" He was so upset the teacher had to call home and talk to his mom about the situation! Hoping you find the perfect fit for Rocky! I have a brother named Rocky-well it's his nickname but that's all we've ever called him. Hope Evan's little scratch is better soon! Take care, Lisa

Robin said...

Oh, I hope Rocky has a new, good home! Interesting Jasmine's concern about Evan, and her having played w/ him in her own fashion:)

And, ouch. Not that things couldn't have been worse. Still. In time, you'll be glad you got those removed and taken care of!

Beth said...

LOL at Jasmine's teeth!

Ouch, I'm sorry you're hurting. They burned 'em off? Yikes! When I had some removed, the dermatologist cut them off. I think i'd prefer that over burning!

Hugs, Beth