Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The straw of doom

I wish I knew what was bothering this kid. He's alternating between fussing/crying and then laughing more than we've ever been able to get him to, as he stares at something I can't see. I'm thinking 'Dude, seriously, you're freaking me out.' And I'd like the ghost to keep him happy, stop slacking off. At first I thought maybe he had an earache but now I'm thinking he's teething... at two months old. Is that how this is going to go kid? Do everything months in advance? At this rate, he'll be crawling in a few days and walking in weeks. I look forward to when he can hold his head up and sit up on his own, past that... I can wait. Once they start moving around, they start making messes. No thank you.

Earlier in the evening, I had gotten myself a cherry dr. pepper. (best pop EVER by the way) I almost always drink my pop out of a straw when possible. (I'm trying to put off having my teeth bleached for as long as possible... dark pop stains teeth, the straw bypasses the teeth) I have been running low on straws as I keep forgetting to grab more at the store. I finally found one in a drawer, at the back. I took my pop to the bedroom with me and went to take my first sip. When I felt something very not liquid-like. I quickly fished it out of my throat. Hoping it was just a couple of hairs or a piece of lint that had magically ended up in my cup between the pouring and the walking to the bedroom. I grabbed a light and realized it was the body of some bug. *gag, gag, gag* I ran to the kitchen and did a little dry heaving. I took the straw with me and sure enough, some bug had decided to set up shop in the straw and I sucked half him up it with my pop. Not sure if I'll ever look at a straw the same way again... or maybe I should say I'll never not look before I drink again.


cw2smom said...

EEEEWwwwwW! I am gagging with you!! Poor thing! Bugs!!! I hope Evan isn't teething YET! YIKES! Hang in there! Hugs, Lisa

Beth said...

YUCK! I'm surprised you managed to keep from barfing. Bleah.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Definitely spend the few dollars to buy a new straw supply :o)