Friday, March 13, 2009

Eat, Sleep and Scream - then repeat

I ate, you can all breathe a sigh of relief. :) I fit into a smaller size of pants now. I now have three pairs of pants that I fit into. My husband keeps telling me to buy more jeans but then I can get lazy and just wear that size for however long. This way, I have to lose weight to wear clothes. It's strange, but it works for me. I only did squats last night, since most of my weight is in my butt and thighs. I'll go back to the pilates on Monday. After the workout the other day, my abs are still sore.
I wasn't able to make it 24 hours without sleep. I guess in my old age, I just can't make it that far anymore. :) (for those unaware I'm 26 but my husband and mom say I act like an old woman) My husband is supposed to actually wake me up today when he gets home so that I'll only have a few hours of sleep. He fell asleep right after he walked in the door last night and didn't wake me.

Evan finally fell asleep yesterday morning at 11am. He didn't wake up again until 7pm. And he really didn't wake up. He was just making a lot of stretching noises so I made a bottle and fed him. He never actually opened his eyes. He then slept till 10pm before he finally woke up. And it wasn't pretty. I had a sore throat all last week and I think he has it now. If he was older, I would've thought he was teething because he has been drooling a lot the last two days. But I think it's because it hurts to swallow since he's drinking his bottles kind of funny. At one time, he screamed for 45 minutes and that is definitely NOT like him. The only time Evan cries is if he's in pain and if he's REALLY hungry. (and the stupid adults have failed to recognize that in a timely fashion) I eventually got him to fall asleep in one of Jasmine's chairs. Which she was very not pleased about. I had to promise to buy her a toy to get her off my back. I won't do it again but desperate times and all that. The chair vibrates and I was able to pat his back through the fabric and get him to fall asleep. I then proceeded to tip toe through the house till he woke up again. Even Jasmine was quieter than usual. I guess the screaming finally got to her.


Beth said...

Are you saying that Jasmine may have met her match?!

Hugs, Beth

cw2smom said...

Oh the joys and weight gain of Motherhood! Bless your heart! I am soooo glad I am a grandma now! Hang in there! I remember how jealous Ab was when we brought her brother home. He was 8 when we got custody of him and she was 3. She didn't want him to EAT, let alone be in the same house with her Mama and Papa! Sad..but true. She got over it though! LOL! Love, Lisa

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It will not be long until you look back at this time and wish that they were not now both mobile. Hope you can get into some type of routine.