Friday, March 27, 2009

Say bye-bye self esteem

Wow. Talk about a kick to the ole self esteem. We (he) got lost on the way to the plastic surgeon today, making me 20 minutes late. If we (he) had just listened to me in the first place, I would've only been a few minutes late. Thankfully, the doctor was running behind. He came in and we discussed what I wanted. Then he looked at one side and said we could forgo a lift if I went with implants since I was only borderline in need of a lift but then he looked at the other side. "Wow, there's a significant size difference between the two." Gee, thanks doc because, you know, I wasn't already self conscious about that. Then he said I would definitely need a lift and he wouldn't feel comfortable doing one without the other. I was hoping to get away without the implants but he says I will always be quite asymmetrical if I don't. Right now, I'm looking at 100cc on one side and 300cc on the other, silicone memory gel implants. If either side has a defect in the first ten years, the company pays the entire cost of another surgery to fix it. If it EVER has a defect after ten years, they pay for a new implant but not a new surgery. My boobies will have a lifetime warranty. :) The earliest he will do the surgery would be four months since I just had a baby. He likes to wait a total of six months after a baby is born or six months after you stop breast feeding. I don't know when I'll be able to do it though since I can't seem to get financing through anybody without a co-signer. Shawn would like to just pay cash but we're not great at saving large sums of money when we know it's for a "fun" expense and not bills. I have to do it the weekend before he goes on vacation so that he is home to help me all week with the kids. The doctor says I should be off pain medication by the third or fourth day and that I'll still be allowed to lift Evan but not Jasmine. I just want to do it and get it over with so I can look/feel normal again. These kids killed my body. Doc asked how I looked before the kids and I said normal. He turned and said see what you did? haha Before he came in, Jasmine was messing with the sample implants, squishing them. Shawn was fine with it till I told him how much those implants cost and then he told her to put them back very carefully. She was playing with a $900 dollar squishy toy. He seems to think I have a very good chance of having some nice looking... assets when everything is all said and done. Oh, and I get a massage included in the price of my surgery. A massage of my implants. I'm not kidding. The last thing I want is some stranger massaging my new boobs. That's going to be awwwwkward. :)

I took the dogs out yesterday and on the way back in, I noticed something on the house. It was a teeny little tree frog. I took a few pictures of him. Poor guy was freezing. I'm sure the froggies will be glad when it warms up permanently. He was soooo cute. :) I just love froggies. Jasmine was mad that she was asleep and didn't get to see him.

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Beth said...

Perhaps you can start a separate fund, like a Christmas Club fund...but for new boobs. LOL Sock some money away every month, and you'll get there before you know it.

Tree frogs are so cute! The frogs are peeping like crazy around here now. I hope they don't freeze their peepers off over the cold weekend!

Hugs, Beth