Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Day ;)

I had an excellent day today. Last night, the kids both went to sleep and stayed asleep so I was able to sleep when was, you know, still dark outside. Which meant, I was up a lot earlier than I have been. I called my mom and we went out to the mall. (with both kids, Shawn was helping some friends build a deck) We wandered through the stores and chatted. Jasmine was behaving for the first time in weeks. Evan was a little fussy. Ok, I'm lying, at one point and time he was full out screaming. He was having belly pain. One trip up the elevator and he fell asleep however. (too bad we didn't realize that during the 20 minutes of on and off screaming fit) I bought Jasmine two super cute shirts. Very adorable. Evan got one of those tiny blankets with a frog attached to it since he likes to chew on soft things more than binkys. He loves it. We sat and ate at Max and Erma's. It was just really nice to get out. Plus, I haven't gotten to see or speak to my mom much the last few weeks. I always seem to be asleep when she gets home from work. Basically, I missed my mommy. :) After we got home, me and Jasmine painted in her new book today. I've been putting off painting with her because it's messy and I'm normally miserable. Well, it's been long enough since the last time she painted and she seems to get the idea now. Before I knew it, we'd been painting for two hours. It was just a nice day. I keep waiting for something bad to happen. My good days usually go that way. I keep glancing at the phone thinking it's going to ring with bad news at any moment. Maybe I should go to bed quickly. haha


Beth said...

Let's hope this trend continues! You may be on your way to a Drama Free Life™!

Seriously, great to hear you had such a great day and were able to enjoy being out and about. Yay!

Hugs, Beth

Wayne Images said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Good for you!

Wes said...


I'm glad to hear you day was well! I hope they just keep coming for you and your family.

I too wait for the phone to ring, when the day is good. The days have a habit of being a Yo Yo, don't they!