Saturday, March 21, 2009

How is that even ALIVE right now?

What kind of dog gets a tick in the middle of March? I mean really, we're what, two days into Spring? Really? I'm surprised I saw it at all since it blends in with the dog. It was Cash, our fawn doberman pincher. The tick was literally the same color as he is. Being that it was very early morning, I didn't wan to wake up my husband to help me pull a tick off him so I tried to do it myself. Imagine me, in my kitchen, on a slippery floor. I have a seventy pound wiggling dog, a tick within an inch of said dog's eye and I have to take tweezers to rip it out. The dog never stops moving under normal circumstances but it was made even worse by me being on the floor with him, this close to his face. I managed to get a hold of the tick and ripped it out. The tick is definitely dead, which I'm sure of being as his insides were on the outside... and his head was missing. @#(&! Now I have to try and dig the ticks head out of the dog's face. I eventually had to give up for the night as the cats were making Cash very nervous and he was beginning to growl at them. They were circling him as if getting ready for some sick gang initiation. I was slightly frightened I may be next so we headed for a more secluded room where only the smartest of cats could've managed to infiltrate. He's bleeding a little now... and the tick head is still in his face. *sigh* I'll have to get the assistance of my husband tomorrow to help me hold him while I do some... digging. I'm so glad my dogs don't try and eat me when I am forced to cause them pain. I hear it's not a fun way to go.


Beth said...

"Some sick gang initiation." ROFL!

Wow, I'm stunned about the tick, also. When I was out in the yard the other day, I didn't wear a hat because I thought, "They won't be out yet." Guess I'd better start wearing that hat, huh? Ugh, they're just thick out here. Little bastards.

Hugs, Beth

Robin said...

We've gotten them in January before. "We" meaning my dog and others in my neighborhood, albeit there are times I've gotten them as well.

Just pays to stay being careful, I suppose (and yes, in addition to all the daggone brushing required this time of year, I suppose I'll add checking for ticks back on the pet care schedule). :)