Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleep, it's not life or death

It was a long weekend but a good one. I have now been up for over 36 hours. I should be sleeping but, I'm not really tired right now. I got to spend the last almost 36 hours with my husband (he took a nap... wimp). These last two weeks, I really haven't seen much of him. When he's asleep, I'm awake and vice versa. We got breakfast today, went to my mom's, played outside on the swings, and went to my uncle's. That's the most I've done in a day in... well I can't remember. Before I was pregnant it seems. I really wish people lived off less sleep. I wouldn't want to forgo all sleep because, I like dozing off. However, I'd like to be able to survive off more like 2 hours than 8 to 10. I could live with 2 hours out of my day devoted to sleep. But, I want my kids to sleep much longer than that. HA!


Indigo said...

Oh I agree, it seems sleep is highly overrated at times. I find I get more done without it *winks*. Then again I thought it would be pure bliss if Skye slept a full night was she was a baby. That didn't happen until she was 4.

Beth said...

I totally agree. I DO love to sleep, but I wish I needed much less of it.