Monday, March 16, 2009

Magazine help please?

Does anyone know of some good REAL magazines out there? I like Marie Claire but only the articles that are about things that happen around the world, not the fashion and make-up crap. Seems like all the magazines out there that are geared towards women have the following on the cover - something about "pleasing" your man, how to keep/find a man, how to dress (probably for a man), how to apply make-up (ditto). Why not, something with some substance? I picked up a Time magazine this week and will flip through it and see if it holds my attention. I don't want to know how to get/keep/please/dress for/etc. for a man. If the one I have, doesn't like me the way I am then tough. If I needed to make changes to certain behaviors that might hurt his feelings or cause friction in the relationship, fine but if you don't like my effin' make-up, go find something you do like. (my husband loves me the way that I am by the way) I was thinking of trying a National Geographic but I'm not sure if it's geared towards what I'm interested in. And really, I'm not completely sure what that is, until I find it.


Indigo said...

There aren't many that are worthwhile these days. I usually go for the magazines:

Rolling Stone (I live with a musician it's like a bible around here).


Beth said...

Let's see...I subscribe to Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, and Woman's Day. Also Midwest Living and Country Living. Ken subscribes to Golf, Popular Science, a small newsletter called The Bottom Line, and Kiplinger's.

The one that we both read is Time. I can't say I read it cover to cover each week, but I read it every week and enjoy it very much. I feel like I've learned a lot about politics and the economy from the mag.

The several that I mentioned that I subscribe to...I think I'll let some of them go when it comes time to renew. I just don't get that much from them. Oh, I forgot, Ken's mom got me a subscription to Cooking for Two as a retirement present. CfT is going to stop publishing, and I'll start getting Taste of Home. I don't know if I'll renew that when it comes time, but I do like looking for new recipes. Oh yeah, I also get Kraft Food and Family, which is a free subscription.

So much to read, so little time! :) And getting back to Time...I think you'll like that one the best. In the past, I've subscribed to Discover, and that's a good one if you're into science.

I think that about covers it! LOL

Love, Beth