Thursday, February 19, 2009


Evan has the worst belly aches at all the wrong times. During the day, he sleeps pretty good on and off with very little screaming. However when I would like to be sleeping, he's cranky, whiney and screaming. My mom stayed home from work today as she's having some work done to her kitchen so I headed over there when I was still awake at 8am with BOTH kids. She took the screamer and I took the spoiled one and went to bed in my mom's room. If only I could win the lottery, my husband could quit his job and I could sleep, uninterrupted. ;) I wish I had something else to post other than whining about my sleep or lack thereof. I feel so boring right now. On the bright side of things, my husband is planning on taking both kids to his friends house with him on Friday so I'll hopefully get to go out and do things without someone clinging to me. Can we do a happy dance for no clinging?


Linda said...

I bet it will be really nice for you to get out with out the kids for a little bit! Have fun! Linda

Beth said...

Doing a happy dance for you! Enjoy your "me" time!

Love, Beth