Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Getting pretty fed up with work. I'm just one of those people that feels like if you have an issue with me, talk to me, not everyone else. It always finds it's way back to me and usually in the form of a forwarded email that someone forgets I'm mentioned in. Or hell, maybe it's done on purpose. Yes, I haven't been real involved with things the last several months... I was hugely pregnant and in constant pain. But if they had issues with that, they should've brought them to me. And not acted super excited when I said I could take in more fosters now. I told my husband it really sucks because right now, there is no other organization that I would rather being doing this with in this area right now. All the other places have major issues, making what I'm dealing with where I'm at look like a mole hill, hell an ant hill. It's just really frustrating. I sort of expected it in some ways. When you have that many women working together, you're bound to have some hen house bullshit but I was hoping to avoid it. *sigh*

I have a headache and just spent three hours on the phone. Anyone ever says I don't give a shit about my brother again and I'll bitch slap them. I don't talk on the phone. I avoid it at all costs. And I was on it for three hours. I deserve a medal or at the very least a cookie.

Note to self, everyone can read whatever I write on Twitter. Less bad words in the future for my relatives to read...


Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with office politics. It seems like it happens no matter where you're at. And yes, it usually happens with women, although I hate to say it. Men are much more direct.

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are having to deal with typical women bullshit - I know I should really stick up for women more...I mean being one and all but the cold hard truth is just like you say, hen house bs!

Catching up on your entries and got quite a kick out of the "coke" and the mice entries. My inside cats won't lower themselves to mouse in the garage. I have to bring Hope & Zeus in from their house if I want the mice to leave.

I watched your slideshow, the pictures are adorable...very cute!