Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleep is for the kitties

Not been sleeping much last few days. A combination of Evan not sleeping well and trying to help my brother through a difficult time with his (ex) girlfriend. In twenty four hours, I spent eight full hours on the phone with him. And several hours online with him and her. I was actually able to fall asleep before 8am tonight, only to be woken up a half hour later to Evan howling like someone had chewed off his toe. He stayed up long enough for me to not be able to fall back to sleep. That was at 2:30am and he's been up on and off ever since. And of course, Jasmine woke up too. I keep hoping that when he reaches three months, his tummy troubles will begin to subside as they did with Jasmine. I'm starting to get bitchy from lack of sleep. It took five and half weeks but it happened. :)

I had taken Rocky out for a walk and when I came back in, something caught my eye about (the normally outdoor cat) Minka. One canine tooth seemed longer than the other. I tried to look but there's not a lot of light in the backroom. I brought her into the kitchen and before I could even look at her mouth, noticed that she has an ulcer on her eye. We had that happen last year with (the other normally outdoor cat) Jake and that's when he bit my arm and sent me to urgent care for an infection. The vet's said that it is extremely painful. I'm convinced Minka is some what retarded so it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't notice it at all. (I'm serious... I really think the cat was inbred) I moved onto her mouth and the canine is barely in her jaw anymore. It wiggles and is just hanging there. She's going to the vet tonight or Saturday morning. Shawn is going to call when they open and see if tonight is their late night or not. It's over a half hour drive from our house so we either go on the late night or we go Saturday morning. Every time we get a bonus from work, one of two things happen, either an animal gets injured and needs to go to the vet or something breaks and needs fixing. I should be grateful that it happens when we have money (most of the time that's when it happens anyways) but we never get ahead on our bills because something is always sucking the life out of our bank account.

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Beth said...

I hope you can get some better sleep soon. Seemed like you were getting by for a while there, but it sounds like it's caught up with you.

What the heck happened with Minka that she's losing a tooth? Poor thing, I hope she'll be okay.

Hugs, Beth