Sunday, February 1, 2009


It's been a rough day. Evan's been having trouble going potty so he grunts and cries half the day until something finally happens. He's also been throwing up this past week. The doctor thinks it's the formula he's on. We've been working to change it over but it takes a few days. You can't just do it all at once or you end up with a sicker baby. He also has a tear duct that is having trouble opening, which doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort but makes his eye goopy. We had this problem when Jasmine was a baby as well and it takes a while to open it. You have to massage the duct and put warm compresses on it a few times a day.

Jasmine had put Willow in our bedroom earlier in the evening to play with her. (my husband's cat) She came in the kitchen to ask me for a banana and then headed back to the bedroom. Some how, Willow's tail ended up stuck in the door. I think that Willow tried to run out of the room so Jasmine tried to shut the door. When Willow started screaming, Jasmine tried to help her by pulling her out of the door. Willow bit her. Her index finger is badly bitten and swollen. She screamed for forty minutes nonstop after it happened. I was just about to the point of taking her to the ER. (it was midnight when it happened) The cat is fine by the way, just a little bruised. I tried to wash her hand as soon as it happened but she's 3 and doesn't understand why it needs to be done so it didn't get cleaned out very well. We should know in the morning if she needs to go to medpoint or not. It was just awful. I've never heard anyone scream like that before and it made it ten times worse that it was my kid that was doing the screaming.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Goop and Bites, not a great night for you. Hope you have a better day today ::o)

Beth said...

Ouch, not good! Maybe today Jasmine will be a little more open to disinfection and cleaning the bite.

Hugs, Beth