Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How far?

My computer is up and working again. I was planning on posting some pictures, however, my SD thingy isn't working right on the computer and I can't seem to locate my usb cable for the camera. Go figure. Maybe tomorrow. My husband magically seems to be able to locate anything that has to do with electronics in the house. (however, he can't seem to find a pair of socks... haha)

Have you seen the story on the news about the woman who had an abortion and now the doctor is losing his license? Well, I'll sum it up for you quickly with the basics. This woman goes in for an abortion at 23 weeks pregnant, that's five months people. They give her some drugs and tell her it's going to make her feel sick and stick her in a room. The woman delivers a baby girl before the abortion doctor gets in the room. The baby, starts to try to breathe. The nurses or whomever was in there with her, take the baby, and the placenta and toss them into a bio hazard bag, close it and toss the baby out like garbage. The mother witnesses it all and realizes that her baby was alive when it was born and saw what they did to her. They quickly give mom a shot to knock her out and then when she wakes up, they send her home as if none of it happened and it was all routine. Mom contacts the authorities who get two or three warrants before they finally find the baby's body decomposing in a closet. Medical tests proved that the baby's lungs, did indeed, fill with oxygen before she died. This story has really made me re-evaluate my stance on abortion. I'm still pro-choice but I believe there should be much stronger laws. There is no way in hell that woman should've been allowed to have the abortion in the first place that far into her pregnancy. My initial thought is that an abortion shouldn't be allowed to take place after the first trimester. But then I think of that baby girl who died and it makes me think, when, in my mind, does any fetus become human enough to make an abortion, murder? It's extremely hard for me to make that decision. Within the first two months, a baby is formed enough to have fingers, and toes. It's just hard for me to imagine ending a pregnancy where it's no longer just a mass of cells that are building up to becoming a baby but something that resembles life. But in all actuality, the mass of cells is something that only lasts in the early days of pregnancy before it's something more tadpole-like. My husband believes you shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion except in extreme circumstances, such as rape. I'm not sure where I stand anymore. I just keep imagining that little baby girl taking her first breath and then being thrown into a plastic bag to die.


Beth said...

I hadn't heard about that story, and oh my God, that's awful. It is definitely a sticky subject, and although I'm also pro-choice, I firmly believe that abortion should not be a method of birth control.

Hugs, Beth

Wayne Images said...

What a terrible sotry!

I was pro choice for years and years and years. Then one day I had to photograph the birth of a stillborn baby. Right then and there, I changed my stance on abortion.

Indigo said...

I'm still pro-choice but damn they need to have a cut off point where it's simply not logical to have an abortion. This story was so sad, horrible. I agree with Beth abortion should never be used as a method for birth control. Sadly is often is. (Hugs)Indigo