Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playing catch up here

Wow, I just realized how little I've been posting. I need to play catch up here. Lemme see... during the week nothing fantastic ever really happens. Boys were over on Thursday for dinner. Friday went out to dinner with Beth and Ken at Gino's East. We had a great time. They really are a blast to hang out with. We even went out without the kiddies! Saturday we watched the ND game at home with the boys. ND won but I was in quite a bit of pain most of the day so I couldn't have given a shit less what they did. I don't know what I did but I had pissed my shoulder off in my sleep and woke up in pain. The pain got worse throughout the day. I wanted to take something but I knew I'd be drinking later and had always been told not to mix the two. I was quite drunk after the game but still in enough pain to bring tears to my eyes so I decided to take a walk on the wild side (that or go to the ER completed blitzed) and took a tramadol. Two hours later, no pain relief so I took another one. That finally did the trick and I was in my happy place. The pain never returned after that point. After everyone left and went to bed, my tummy decided that it was not a fan of the mix of alcohol and drugs. I didn't puke but it was a tough battle. And now we come to my favorite part. Monday morning. I had been feeling like there was a cold coming on but nothing really happening for days. And then I was getting ready for bed. I kept feeling pressure building in my ear but hoped it would drain. No such luck. By 4am Monday, I was ready to pop the damn eardrum. I just wanted relief from the pain. Took a vicodin, nothing. Tried a hot pack as hot as I could possibly stand it on my ear, nothing. I looked up remedies online. None of which I had the ingredients to make. I gave in and took another vicodin. I don't know if that finally killed the pain or if I was so exhausted by then that I just passed out. I woke up still feeling iffy but only needed one vicodin through the day. Today I see the doctor for my psoriasis and I'll definitely be bringing up my ear. Now if the ringing would go away, I could sleep.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Like I tell people at work, there is only one necessary medication, taken daily, that solves all of these problems - Beer :o)

Hope you get relief soon.