Monday, October 12, 2009

Random shit Monday

I hate bra manufacturer's. They seem to think boobs only go to a C. A DD is unheard of in their world.
I always think I'm a year younger than I actually am. I can't tell you how many surveys I've filled out asking for my age and put that I was younger. And no, my age doesn't bother me, which is why it's even weirder.
I don't like white rooms. Give me color any day.
I never sleep on my stomach - ever.
I have no idea how to use potpourri but I want to have some and keep it around like a little old lady.
I own more underwear than anyone I've ever met. I can go weeks without washing any and not run out.
When I was a kid, I fell out of a tree. Onto a broken toilet. I still have a good sized scar from it as a result of not getting stitches. Thanks dad.
I have no idea how to correctly apply make-up and basically just wing it every single day.
I am the queen of random bits of knowledge. I know a little about everything but not everything about one thing.
I plan to do this every week until I can't think of anymore random shit.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

LOL, with all the fake boobs around DD should be a popular size!