Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Shit Monday (small and late)

I don't wear perfume. It irritates my asthma.

My husband still does. Therefore, he irritates me.

I would walk barefoot all year round if my feet didn't get all cold and shit on snow.

I really do love fostering dogs and cats, even though I bitch about it constantly.

I can open doors with only my toes. I can also pick up just about any object that my feet are strong enough to hold, with my toes.

I don't snore often but when I do, I guess I can wake the dead.

My boobs are the same size as Scarlett Johansson. The difference? I wear a bra that fits, not one that shoves them up to my throat for all the world to see. Although I wish I knew where she brought her regular bras. It's a bitch to find a 32F. Apparently, the size I've been wearing for quite some time (34DD) wasn't right.

The filter between my brain and mouth is occasionally broken. I say things or ask questions that to most people are inappropriate. I forget that not everyone is as open about their life as I am.

Food is good. Sex is good. Mix the two and it totally freaks me out.