Sunday, October 4, 2009

Around and about

My husband is going to have a CT scan done of his sinuses. He goes to the doctor for sinus infections more than anything else. And it wasn't even his doctor that made this decision, it was the nurse practitioner. He only saw her because his doctor didn't have any time available to see him. (he went back because the antibiotics weren't working at all) She argued with the other doctor about sending him to get the scan but held her ground and eventually he gave in. I don't see any reason for them not to send him to get the scan, other than they keep raking in money by having him sick all the time. We have awesome insurance so it's not like anyone is going to get stuck with an unpaid bill. I really don't care for the doctor he sees. My kids and I go to a doctor at a completely different practice and I absolutely love him.

Evan is very close to crawling now. He can army crawl across the floor pretty fast when he sees something he knows he's not allowed to have. Or when he wants to annoy his sister. He also pulled himself up to a standing position tonight by himself, using his Within Arm's Reach bed. (I don't know what else to call it, it's not a bassinet but it's not a play yard either so I just use the name it goes by) I think by the end of the month I'll have to move him to a crib. I was hoping that I could just keep using this thing for quite some time but now that he's really getting good at pulling himself to a sitting position, I just don't see it as a safe option. I want to get bumper's but I haven't decided yet what is the best option as far as that goes. They're readily available and yet you're told not to put anything soft and squishy in the baby's bed with them because of SIDS. However, if I don't put anything in a crib with him, he's going to get his arm's and leg's stuck in the thing a thousand times a night. This is a kid who likes to sleep with his face pressed against the side of his current bed, no way am I going to get away with not putting anything in a crib. It's a large part of the reason that Jasmine never used a crib. I was terrified of the risk of SIDS and the bumpers but without them, she was constantly hurting herself and waking up screaming. Eventually, you give in, let them sleep with you or else you lose your mind from lack of sleep. I'm currently looking for soft soled shoes for him as well. I feel strongly that children who cannot walk confidently, should not be in shoes. Therefore, I am looking for something that will keep his feet warm, stay on his feet and is very soft and bendable so as not to cause any problems walking. I was lucky with Jasmine, when she started walking, it was summer. The only person in this family that frequently wears shoes in the summer, is my husband. The rest of us prefer our feet to be free.

I'm sure by now I've started to drive the other foster crazy who has the border collie. I was hoping to get her sometime this weekend but it's been a busy weekend for the rescue as far as events go. The first night I was thinking, 'I'm not totally sure I want to do this' but after that I've just been getting more and more excited about having her. Especially after hearing more about her. She is apparently slightly cross eyed. I've never even had a cat that was cross eyed and I've had several siameses. She sounds very sweet and well mannered. I'm not sure the condition of her teeth. Many of the dogs that came from this puppy mill were kept in crates constantly. This is one of the worst things you can do to a border collie. It will literally make them crazy. They are extremely intelligent and need a goal, something to do or they become destructive. Most of the border collies in puppy mills end up with corroded teeth from chewing obsessively at the bars and many have scars on their face from trying to chew out. It's really awful. One of the dogs we received from TN is going to need extensive dental work before she can be adopted out. I believe the one I'm getting and the other that needs the work both have urine burns from laying in their own feces. And yet, these dogs come out of it all and seem almost like they lived normal dog lives. I know from working with retired greyhounds that there is always a characteristic you can pick out from certain breeds to just kind of know they didn't live a privileged life. Typically, with retired greyhounds, you will rarely see their ears perked up. They are almost always back against their heads and they carry themselves a little differently. It's not so much something I can explain as something you have to see and be around to really get. I'm just looking forward to showing Cricket that her life is about to do a huge change. She will have a life that she never dreamed possible while living in those cages. She will sleep on human beds and run through a yard with other dogs. She will sleep in silence instead of listening to dozens of barking, restless dogs.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that he got the scan. I work with someone that is getting surgery early next year. He has been out many days this year due to infections and such.

I know Crickett will be happy :o)

Beth said...

I just can't imagine what some of these animals go through, and can't comprehend how anyone can treat them so badly. It breaks my heart and makes me angry at the same time.

Hope the CT scan (meow) helps and they can figure out what is going on with Shawn. Feel better soon! XOXO Beth