Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have no title for today - I'm lazy

I'm not really sure what the eff is up with my back. It's been bothering me since I was pregnant with Evan. (who, btw is nine months old today) Before it seemed to be a vertebrae in my back. My doctor gave me stretching exercises to do and it has helped. There are no more stabbing pains going through that area when I lay down or sit up from laying down. Now I have a constant dull ache on the lower left hand side of my back. This is to the point where calling it an ache probably isn't accurate but as I've said before, I don't view pain the same way as some others might. I took a vicodin last night and today with it only taking off the worst of it. There's still pain and I'm still thinking every time I move that I should "probably" go to the doctor. But then I think, I'll just take care of it whenever I make an appointment for my flu shot and psoriasis. (which I've been saying I'll do for weeks) I wonder if it's not related to my IUD. And then if it is, do I continue to deal with it or have it removed?

We bought Jasmine and Evan's Halloween costume's. Omigod is that ridiculously expensive for something that is intended for ONE day. She is going as supergirl. She tried on the little mermaid, an angel and a fairy as well but the cape on the supergirl costume sold her. She stood in the tiny dressing room jumping and watching it float down behind her in the mirror. Shawn picked out Evan's costume and he is going as my least favorite character ever, Yoda. However, the costume is adorable, even has the little ears. Why don't I like Yoda? Have you heard him speak? It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Random Shit Monday will return. I was just too wore out this week after all the alcohol-ness I put my body through. And it may make a return this weekend. Depends if we all decide to watch the game together.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hmmmmmm, cute costumes are me thinks :o)

Beth said...

Hmmmm, like Yoda you do not? LMAO

If you're still having this pain, you should go to the doc soon. Make an appointment for your other stuff and get this checked out, too. Love, Beth