Monday, October 5, 2009

Random shit monday

I love rock music.
I hate Metallica. (that noise you just heard, was my brother's head exploding)
Our bed is what my husband likes to call a hillbilly queen. We took a queen box spring, turned it sideways and put two twins on top next to each other. We can't afford a new mattress and the other one was k.i.l.l.i.n.g. my back.
I can't stand people who live their lives as if they're checking things off the list.
My second toe is much longer than my "big" toe.
I can bend my fingers in unusual positions that make people think "Ow"
I can touch my tongue to my nose.
I don't have a favorite color.
Which means, I don't have a least favorite color.
It annoys me when people type LiKe ThIs.
I frequently give my time to others.
I only like to drink water if it is almost frozen.
I hate the taste of cranberries and raspberries.
I don't typically use the word hate.
I am violent when you wake me up... and I never remember it.
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
I'm not sure what color my eyes are.
My body is not made for cold weather and I bitch constantly if I'm chilled.
I love sledding. :)
It annoys me that I don't try harder to use my large vocabulary.
I prefer to get up at 10am.
This rarely, if ever, happens.


Lisa said...

LOL, you have a hillbilly bed, I've never heard that before. It is a clever idea though :)

Your 2nd toe is bigger than the biggie...seems most folks are like that. Not mine, they are little steps down to the useless pinky toe. TMI??? LOL.

This was a fun entry, I like random.

Beth said...

I'm not in love with Metallica, but I like them okay. I like how the lead singer says "It ain't my biiitch-uhh!" LOL

Use your vocab on me. I love words! Hugs, Beth