Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend O' fun or not

I have a feeling at some point, I may end up puking this weekend. Friday night, I'm going out with my best friend from high school. Her main objective in all of this is to get drunk. (she has four kids and a worthless husband, cut the girl some slack) I, however, will be driving and don't handle my alcohol well. I will have a drink or two when we first get there but nothing afterwards. Right now on Saturday the plan is to go to man-whore's apartment and watch the ND vs USC game. I was thinking of making Jello shots to take with us. (I have all the stuff here already so why not?) I'm still not positive we'll be going over there as I need to get Jasmine's Halloween costume and Evan's too for that matter. However, I'll feel like a real bitch if I make my husband miss this game or watch the kids so we can get costumes. We can always go Sunday but Sunday is MY football day. I suppose we could get an early start on Saturday, get the costumes, rush back home and pick up the shots. Or I could drop off the shots on the way there and then we wouldn't have to go back and forth. (castle point Beth/Ken) I'm fairly bad with Jello shots. They taste good so they can't possibly be liquid poison, right? After a couple, I forget how many I've had and have a few more. I've consumed large amounts of alcohol this way without realizing it. The drunkest I've EVER been was from Jello shots. It's the only time I actually felt like I was in a fun house and the walls were all tilty. I'd better take some Gatorade with me to drink while I'm drinking or it's not going to end well at Gino's later that night.


Beth said...

Ken used to live in Castle Point! Yeah, that's too far to drive back and forth.

Jello shots are dangerous! Like you said, they go down so easy, and you just don't realize how much alcohol you're ingesting. I hope you can have fun without ralphing! As for the game, this one is a must-see! XO Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Jello shots and pizza later, sounds dangerous. We are going to get our beef tomorrow, so we are planning on an early start (10:30 :o) Have a great weekend.