Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pizza is oh so goooood

Saturday we tried the new pizza place here in town. We only live a few hours from Chicago, so naturally, we have a new Chicago pizzeria. And omigod is it good. I have become absolutely obsessed with Gino's East pizza. We plan on going again this weekend at least once. Man-whore friend invited us out there for dinner, even canceling man-whoring to go. And I'd like to get my mom up there one night to try it. I haven't done the deep dish yet. I honestly don't know how much I would like it for the simple fact that for me, it's all about the cheese and the sauce comes second. We actually plan on several Chicago trips in the next few months now. It was just going to be for the Cirque show, but now we also want Chicago pizza and to roam the city.

The day after my post about Cricket and my concern for her, she p.l.a.y.e.d. This was a major turning point for her. She doesn't understand play. How to play with people or other animals. She had been outside for an hour or two so when she came in, she was fired up and happy to see us. She would run up to me and slam on the doggy brakes, I would stomp my foot and she'd run around the living room and slam on the doggy brakes again, waiting for me to stomp. It was great and she got lots of loving after she calmed down. I can't even put into words how huge of a leap that was from the day I got her. She still hates cats but she's able to be in the same room with them without doing the Elvis. Unless she's in a crate and they're out and about, then she just goes batshit crazy. (no, really)

Dinner went very well tonight. As I've said before, man-whore makes quite the nice buffer between me and the antagonizor. It helped that I had a Bailey's and milk (or two) before and with dinner. The boys both left full with what was probably man-whore's first homemade meal in who knows how long. Now I have a killer headache from the Bailey's. This never happened when I was younger. Damn you aging process! Damn you!


Lisa said...

Damn getting old is right...wait until you get to be my age!!! Glad the dinner went well & great news about Cricket. I love pizza, we eat it at least a few times a week. Enjoy :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that the dinner went well, we will have to do the pizza thing soon, maybe next Friday (10/23).

Beth said...

Ohh, Jamie and Lisa, old old ladies...cry me a river, honeys! LOL

So glad to hear that Cricket is doing better! That's so cool!

What Ken said...let me know if you're interested. I'm dying to try Gino's since you've talked it up so much! XO Beth