Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I feel all right now

We're all sitting around watching The Big Bang Theory last night. Penny stays the night at Leonard's apartment. She's in their kitchen, making breakfast. She has the radio on and is dancing around wildly. Right about then, my husband says incredulously "Do people actually DO that?" I looked at him with a kind of half embarrassed but really not smile and said "You mean when they're making chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night?" Jasmine has seen me dance in ways that no one else probably ever will, freely with complete abandon. It's almost always while I'm baking or cleaning. After all, cleaning is a great deal more enjoyable with the radio on so why not dance as well? We danced last night to a ton of cheesy 80's music. ("Mony, Mony" being one we heard on a few stations during the course of two hours, however it was the 60's version, not Billy Idol's we were listening to) I think I burned two days worth of calories as well. My favorite music to dance to is the cheesy stuff though. It's fun to sing to, fun to listen to and it gets stuck in your head.

I probably won't be getting much, if any sleep today. One of the women with the rescue is bringing over some fosters for me. Yes as in plural. The plan was to get the border collie sometime this week. However, this foster also has a (gorgeous) cat that had kittens. Only one has survived so far and to be honest, she's not great with kittens so she asked if I wanted to take them. Orange will be going to Petsmart tomorrow for however long we're there so I'll be losing one and gaining two. (as far as cats go) Sounds like the momma is a so/so momma therefore, she will have to be caged with her baby. I would prefer not to bottle feed anyone but I will if she turns into a bad momma.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love Big Bang Theory :o)

Does not surprise me that you dance wildly in the middle of the night while baking, maybe that is why I do not bake :o)

Beth said...

I hope all goes well with the new fosters!

I like to dance goofy, too. Yes, Shawn, people really do that! LOL Hugs, Beth