Sunday, July 26, 2009


A new day, a new litter. I'll have pictures of the last litter up here soon. I picked up a litter of four and their momma late tonight. (about 11pm) They are beyond adorable. My last litter was definitely my favorite so far and probably the least attractive of them but looks can be deceiving sometimes. They all had fantastic personalities and were just all around nice kitties. It's the first litter that I've teared up when I've dropped them off. I would've kept Rylee if we hadn't just adopted Saffron last year. I told my husband last year that I wouldn't have anymore than three indoor cats at a time and I intend to follow through on that. I am envious of the family that gets to call her their own. Some of them just get to you more than others.

Been cleaning last two days. Lots of cleaning. I want to be baking. And eating. But that's a stress thing, I'm sure. One more week and this house will be up for sale. And then I'll be more stressed. It's funny but I wish my realtor was here half the day so she could calm me down when I start to freak out. She has a calming way about her. Just having her in the room makes people feel better. As if your house isn't about to be opened up to the entire world to come and go on their terms. Yuck. I'm just glad we have fosters right now. Sitting in that room with them is like popping a xanax.

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Beth said...

Aww, I'm glad that you helped the kitty family, but sad for you that you had to say goodbye to them. Hugs, Beth P.S. Home tomorrow!