Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No more

It is damn near impossible to get anything done around here. The house needs to be done by the first, not packed but cleaned to the point of spotlessness. We're packing as we go along because it's just easier to have stuff packed that we won't be using anytime soon. Without fail, every single time I start to make headway with something, Evan starts screaming his head off for no reason other than he wants someone to sit and entertain him. I feel like I'm trying to dig a hole to China and have only gotten as far as getting the shovel out. And I am so ridiculously tired. Evan hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights and last night was the worst yet. He was awake about every hour screaming. He didn't want a bottle, didn't want a pacifier, he just wanted to be picked up and carried around. I, however, just wanted to go back to sleep so he didn't get carried around. He got the bare minimum of maternal niceness from me and that was it. I have been able to wash about seven loads of laundry in the last two days and actually fold them all as soon as they were dry. I know I should use the this time to be cleaning but I am so sleepy that all I want to do is pass out and wake up nine hours later in a puddle of drool. That's how you know you slept good and deep, when you wake up swimming. :)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Won't be long until he is on cereal, and them maybe he will start sleeping through the night (or at least part of it).

Robin said...

I cannot imagine trying to pack, get rid of stuff you don't want (if you're even trying to also do that), and clean, too? By the first, with an infant and a toddler? And pets? ACK. I wonder if Evan is able to sense things going on, or if it's just him at this moment. You'll be more productive if you also sleep:) Really. May you have the strength to do what is absolutely necessary, and then a little bit more. Hang in there. (Do you have a sling thing you could use on him while you're doing things around the house, so he feels nestled against you?? That helped w/ my then baby girl especially if she was starting to feel sick or something.)