Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have half a beach in my crack... TMI?

I may very well be cleaning up sand till the day we sell the house. Whenever we go to the beach, Jasmine makes... snow angels, in the sand. As you can imagine, she brings back a great deal of sand with her. It doesn't help when I brought move home in my pants than she did on her whole body. I made myself a nice little recliner out of sand to lean against on the beach... and then I tried to get more comfortable and slide... backwards. Where do you think all that sand went that was behind me? Straight down my jeans. This was after the sun set. When the sand was cold. Really cold. We had headed for Lake Michigan tonight to go to the Venetian Festival and watch they yearly fireworks. I got several pretty decent photos on Shawn's phone. I no longer have a camera. Jasmine dropped it and, well, apparently you can only drop a camera so many times before something in it decides to die. The fireworks were nice and probably the last ones we'll see unless we go out in September or October to another festival. My guess is with the way finances are at the moment, we're done till next year.

Usually my husband is a bit on edge in large crowds. Tonight he was very well behaved, very laid back. He even commented several times on how good he'd been feeling thus far. We were walking back to our car which was about a mile away from the festival. Throughout the walk, you're passing houses and many times there are people sitting outside at those houses. We came to one house that has a group of guys sitting on the porch every single year. Some years there are girls with them but I don't remember seeing any tonight. It was obvious they had been drinking most of the day. I don't like to... tempt trouble so I made it a point not to even glance in their direction, lest one of them think I'm checking them out. As soon as we were directly in front of the porch, the guy closest to me says "You're gorgeous." It's strange how you can actually feel tension the second it's there. Before the guy could even inhale, my husband's chest was puffed out and he said something along the lines of "You'd better shut your mouth or you're going to get f---d up." One of the guys in the group that was a little more sober (out of about fifteen guys) said "I think you should do it." Wow, you guys aren't really that great of friends with the drunk dude, huh? The drunk dude never said another word after that and we continued on our way. (we never even stopped in front of the house and I never, not once, glanced at any of them... I just kept right on going as if they didn't exist) I laughed pretty much all the way to the car and then some on the way home and then some at home. I don't know, the whole situation was just funny to me. Not at the time of course. Things could've went very differently if the drunk dude decided to keep on going and I don't want my kids to see their daddy get into a fight and then proceed to get arrested. What I thought my husband should've said was "You know, I really tried to look good before I left the house today too. Thanks for noticing, I'm touched." And btw, I don't think Jasmine even knew anything happened or that any words were exchanged. She was walking behind us with my mom. Otherwise I would've had a mountain of questions to answer.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Drunk Dude stopped at one asshat comment :o)

Beth said...

I like your remark, too, but that one might really have made Drunk Guy decide to act muy macho! XOXO

Indigo said...

Ugh! One of the reasons I no longer go to watch Paul play. Too many drunks. I've had this happen, Paul has an instant reply,"Yeah, she is, I'm one lucky guy ain't I.". Put's all the cards on the table. The other dude knows I'm with him and he's off the hook, pretending it was nothing more than a compliments. Me? On my own? Oh, I'm never so nice, toward guys like that. (Hugs)Indigo