Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Day with more to come

I am one sleepy lady tonight. We went to the local zoo with my dad and step-mom today. We did everything you can do at this zoo, pony ride, gift shop, train ride, see the butterflies. The highlight for me and my dad however, were the galapagos tortoises. They are in a fenced in area but in the fence is low enough that you can touch them. You're only supposed to touch the shells. Some kids had come up before us and threw in some weeds, complete with the root. Mr. Tortoise was eating them and the roots kept getting stuck in his mouth. The poor guy kept trying to hold them down with his foot but they're not exactly flexible creatures. I eventually, with great caution, reached down to touch his neck. I was just curious as to how his skin felt. They are kind of squishy and in definite need of some moisturizer. After a few minutes, I tried again. The damn weed was just driving me nuts. I wanted to get it out of his mouth but I have quite a liking for my fingers. Well, it turns out, this particular tortoise really just loves having his neck scratched. He stood up and stretch his neck out as far as it would go and even looked as if he was going to fall asleep. Eventually, my dad took over and I was able to snatch the nasty roots from his mouth. How often do you get that kind of encounter with a tortoise of that size? I asked my husband if I could have one in the backyard. He said absolutely not. :)

Afterwards we went to Five Guys for some burgers. We decided to sit outside since it was nice out and easier to have the baby outside rather than in. While I was waiting for everyone to bring out the food (I stayed at the table with the little one) a lady asked if the burgers were any good. My step-mom said they were the best she's ever had. There was a lady with her (that I thought looked really familiar) that said 'Oh no, then you've never been to my restaurant and tasted my black angus burgers!' We talked with them for a while and found out that the reason she looked so familiar was that she had done a cooking segment on the local news for a while. They went on to look at some shops and we finished our meal. As we were cleaning up, they came walking back through and we talked some more. Turns out the lady that had the cooking segment is doing an interview for the Food Network tomorrow. All the while I'm thinking, 'Should I ask this lady for her autograph? She could be the next Emeril.' She did say if she got the job and we ever wanted tickets, just to stop by the restaurant and leave our info. She was quite nice and had a great personality for television.

Shawn decided that it would be easier for him and my dad to work on the boat tonight rather than on Sunday. We headed over there after we all ate. I was exhausted from a lack of sleep the night before so I also grabbed a coffee first. I can't believe I managed to stay awake the entire time we were there. Something about being at my parent's houses just causes me to get sleepy, then add on already being exhausted. Usually about eight out of ten times that I go over to my dad's, I end up falling asleep on his couch for a while. Here it is 2:30am, I'm running on four house sleep and still going. Then again, I've been averaging six a night so I suppose I didn't lose as much sleep as I thought. I need to get in a good night tonight however as we have some more busy days ahead of us. Husband has one more week off of work and so far, we have only a few days full of running around for that week. We'll spend the rest of the time scrubbing the house. Tomorrow I take the kittens to the vet. This morning Ryder's eye was so swollen that even though it was open, you couldn't actually see his eye, just the eyelid. He was better this evening but still needs to see a vet. Friday we may be going to the beach. Saturday Shawn is playing paintball all day and I'm still not sure if I have plans or not. I thought I did but she may be busy after all. Wednesday or Thursday I hope to take Jazz to the drive-in movies to see the new Harry Potter movie. Saturday we'll be heading up to Michigan for a fireworks show. Is there time to breath in there anywhere because I just know more stuff will pop up.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

How cool the lady was so nice.

Beth said...

Cool tortoise encounter, too! XO