Friday, July 24, 2009

Just the usual

Evan had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. Just shots and check growth. He's in the 50th percentile for everything. Honestly, I never pay much attention to what percentile they're in but thought it was funny he was 50th in every way. I was hoping to get some cream for the eczema he has on his inner elbows and inner knees. However, my doctor is very anti-prescriptions and tries to fix things without them. He thinks Evan has an intolerance to milk so we are to switch him to soy formula. Great. He doesn't tolerate food switches very well. He was also given his shots at this appointment. The last time he had shots, he screamed for four hours nonstop and then for two more hours on and off. It was an effin' nightmare and vowed not to go through it again. I told the doctor I really wasn't totally comfortable with him getting the three in one shot. He talked me into it though. (I just wanted to stagger his shots, not omit any) He only cried a little this morning for my husband but as soon as I got up and took him, he was fine. I haven't had any problems since then except for a little upset tummy that had nothing to do with the shots.

I was a walking injury yesterday. I can't tell you how many bumps and bruises I ended up with by the end of the day. At one point, I was scrubbing the floors in the kitchen (getting ready for the sale and whatnot) and a mouse ran across my foot, I screamed like a sissy (I'm so not afraid of mice. You just don't expect on to go galloping across your toes!) and then the cat sliced open one of my toes. Which reminded me the cat needs his nails trimmed. I chased the cat around and eventually caught the mouse and let him live wild and free - outside. Shortly after that I was making hot chocolate for my daughter. (the only child who asks for hot chocolate in July) I must be the only person in the world who would cut themselves making hot chocolate. I couldn't remember where I left the scissors last so I grabbed a nice to slice open the cocoa package and instead sliced open my finger. Jasmine told me I should be more careful with sharp things.

I was going to drop all the baby/toddler clothes off at Goodwill seeing as I don't know many people having babies right now. Then I realized my best friend from high school is pregnant with baby number four. I took a chance that she might need them but didn't think she would since he last baby was a girl. Well her last baby is messy so she more than needs them. :) I've already packed up one large box for her and probably have at least one more to go. One less thing under foot for now.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We like to recycle mice also, do you think it is back in the house yet? :o)