Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need a little quiet time

It's just been one of *those* days. We started off the day (me on only four hours sleep) going to Lake Michigan with my mom for a day of sun and swimming... or neither. The beach turned suddenly cold shortly after arriving, there was no sun and the water was like ice. And then it started to rain. We came home and just kind of stared at the walls for a while. After a few hours of nothing, Shawn wanted to go outside to see if the paintball guns he borrowed worked properly since he will be playing in the morning. Jasmine realized he was out of the room and wanted to go with him. Seeing as how a few hours earlier she had escaped out the backdoor and then out of the fenced yard without making much noise at all, I figured it would be best to go with her. I was just reaching for her hand as we opened the backdoor and Mia (border collie) rushed out the door, shoving Jasmine out of the way and causing her to face plant off the back steps, which are cement, onto the concrete. I thought I was going to be sick. I had no idea how bad it would be when she came up but a million images pass through your head in a matter of seconds. The way I said 'oh god no' quickly got Shawn's attention and he came around the side of the truck and was in the backyard so fast that I swear he must have just flew over the fence. She wasn't badly injured. She has multiple scrapes on her legs and hands, along with one just under her nose, making her appear to have a constant nose bleed. She was still crying as she asked 'Can I please play outside now?' After that she ran around stomping on and breaking paintballs as well as scolding her daddy for getting mad at the dog, stating that the dog didn't mean to do it and it was just an accident. We all ended up with a great deal of mosquito bites before we came inside (Evan was napping... for about four hours). Once the screamer woke up, we headed to Walmart to get a few things for tomorrow for the boys day of shooting each other with paint filled balls. That went fairly uneventful. However, it was a lot of walking. Now yesterday, I was out trying to get the wood pile to burn and being quite unsuccessful to the point of quitting. While I was out there, I felt a stabbing in my foot. My initial thought was what the hell was that... and then I realized I had flip flops on, nothing should've been stabbing my foot. I lifted up my foot and saw that there was a small piece of wood with several nails sticking out it, one of which was stuck through my flip flop and into my foot. 'Well, isn't that just effin' fabulous' I thought. I took off my flip flop, thus removing the nail from my foot and then from my flip flop. I threw away the board but neglected to do what any moron does after getting a wound of that kind... I never cleaned it. Fast forward to tonight. We stopped at the gas station on the way home as I was planning on some running tomorrow and didn't want to get gas then. A neighbor was getting gas at the time and we started talking. Suddenly we hear 'Moooooooo.' In the middle of the city you don't expect to hear that. There was a trailer with a big brown and white cow in it. I, being the animal dork I am, said 'oooooh I want to pet the cow!!' Tyler, being just a dork, said 'Let's go ask him!' We jogged over and asked if we could pet the farmer's cow. He looked at us like we were on acid but said sure. Turns out the cows name is Spanky (I do n.o.t. want to know whatever story is behind that as it got a laugh out of the farmer) and he was not for dinner but rather his son's cow that he raised from a calf and they were just showing him at the fair. I hobbled back to the car and saw Jasmine in full tears because SHE wanted to see the cow too. (duh mom) I grabbed her out and jogged (carrying her since I didn't stop to put on her flip flops) so she could see him, although she wanted nothing to do with petting him. (He was stressed and drooling... enough to fill a small pond) I took her back to the car but still holding her as we stayed out of the car to talk, suddenly I had some awesome pain in my foot and handed her off to Shawn. The pain stayed the rest of the time we were there and only intensified after returning home. If my foot wasn't elevated as much as possible when I was hopping through the house, it would start throbbing and cause my breath to catch. I took an antibiotic (I figure it's better to start one NOW if it is an infection, rather than wait till I get in tomorrow) and put some antibiotics on the puncture (which by the way was only deep enough to cut the skin a little) and then I took some pain medication. That's about the time I noticed the wide red streaks (light in color, not veiny) here and there. I can't be sure they are from an infection, the paintballs (which were pink) or just from being clumsy. I plan on heading to medpoint to tomorrow if they are still there and it's still as painful. Don't worry, I'm not taking any chances here as I've done my online research and if these streaks are from infection then it would be in the lymphatic system and can be extremely dangerous. Typically these infections were caused by what was commonly called in the 90's as the flesh eating bacteria. Yikes. I had plans for tomorrow but they may have to be put on hold a while. God, my husband will want to kill me if it turns out it is and infection and I'm told to stay off my feet as much as possible... we have a house to get ready for sale. Yeesh, what a day.


Lisa said...

I hope you follow through with your medical visit, that isn't anything to mess around with. LOL, I can just imagine what the guy was thinking when you asked to pet that didn't come out right did it. You know what I'm sayin'!

Take good care of that foot!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you got good news about the foot :o)

Beth said...

[shaking my head] Next time something like that happens, Jamie, think of your microbiologist friend and know that if you don't clean your wound, she is going to come over and kick your ass. Good grief, girl! Also, if you can't remember when your last tetanus shot was, you'll need to get one of those. Love ya (and I don't want your foot to rot away), Beth