Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Misadventures in kitty land

Before I forget, the eggs were from Spartan.

While trying to fall asleep around 7am, I kept hearing a ton of noise from the foster room. They're kittens, they play, make noise and break shit. I assumed they were just up to the usual. I kept hearing it but ignored it. I just wanted to go to sleep and was "this" close. Jasmine woke me up around 9am to go to the bathroom and I heard the noise a little bit but not much. I still ignored it. Although I remember thinking it was odd as there isn't that much they could knock off of the shelves. When I woke up in the afternoon, we went straight to my mom's and at that time, the kitty noise was forgotten. Once we got home, I decided to go see what the hell they had been up to and I'll admit, I really didn't want to go in there because then I would have to see the mess they made. Door opens and a herd of kittens rushes out past my feet but there appears to be no major mess. Odd. Then I see a kitty that looks slumped over a parakeet nesting box. I basically think 'That's just great. I have another one die. They're going to think I kill them for fun.' Then he moves. Ok, not dead. What the hell? The little idiot has gotten his head stuck in the hole that the parakeets would enter and exit. The noise I heard all day was him trying to get out. And let me tell you, he was quite stuck. I tried on my own to get him free and then brought him into the kitchen to see if my husband would help. His first question was how attached are you to this box? He breaks all the sides off it so that now the kitty looks like he's ready to be mounted onto the wall. The kitten isn't the easiest to handle. Putting drops in his eyes requires a high pain tolerance. The idea of using some kind of power tool to saw/drill through the wood was... well, I feared the amount of blood loss I would endure. As husband was off to get some tools, I tried one last time to squeeze his head out and voila! He was only a little thirsty/hungry. He was more interested in playing than anything else. Next time, I'll investigate the sounds coming from that room a little sooner. If I'm not too tired. :)


Lisa said...

OMG, I did chuckle at the picture but, awwwwww, the poor little dear!!! Kind of like a heavy duty E-collar huh? I've never seen anything like that and I am happy to hear he *and you* survived the ordeal.

Beth said...

Someone could blackmail you with that first picture: "Jamie mounts kitty heads on her wall!" LOL Poor little guy, glad he's okay. Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the kitty head mounting portion of the entry :o)

Glad all is well again.