Friday, September 4, 2009

Cookie Jars

I've been working on some writing projects for the shelter, which is why I have been absent a few days. I can't seem to devote myself to a piece that really needs my attention and write something else at the same time. My attention span just doesn't stretch that far.

As some of you are aware (geez I now spend way too much time on Facebook), the other day I wasn't feeling too fabulous. I'm not sure what's going on with my head but I've got it narrowed down to what I think it could be, a sinus infection (although it doesn't really feel like one), the beginning of an ear infection or TMJ. They all produce similar symptoms and my jaw is quite stiff today, which is the only reason I even thought of the TMJ. (which I know I have, however, it only bothers me occasionally) My uvula was swollen something crazy the other day and blood red. The past two days it has been purple, as if blood has pooled at the bottom. It's very strange. If that's still going on by Monday, I'll be calling the doctor man. It's pretty wicked looking at the moment.

I have my hand in quite a few cookie jars right now. It wasn't until recently that I realized, the more projects I'm doing, the more successful I am at finishing them. If I devote all my time to one task, I quickly become bored and scrap whatever I was doing in the first place. When I am doing many different things at once, I find it hard to get bored with them or feel them to be too tedious. I'm working on my cake/cupcake decorating skills and low and behold they are better than I expected. I do not have steady hands. I get asked on a pretty regular basis if I've had coffee because my hands tend to be on the shaky side. Therefore, I figured I would fail miserably at applying icing borders to cakes. On my first attempt, my borders were extremely straight and didn't look very shaky. I want to practice more but I'm not going to buy icing and waste it just so I can make pretty rows of border. I would rather make a cake and have it actually be eaten, except, we've had two birthdays in the last two weeks and we're all a bit caked out. Maybe I'll make one just to send to work with my husband. The vultures will swoop in and eat it before lunch. I'm also working on the memoir that I was talking about the other day. I'm not working in any kind of order (I'm definitely a disorganized mess at times) and just writing down stories of my life as I remember them. I'll work out the details and chronological whatnots later. Then there's the shelter. I'm trying to get more involved than in just fostering, seeing as how I may have to drop that when we move. For right now, I'm doing some writing and occasionally going over some of the legal and informative stuff for new volunteers. Oh and there's that whole selling of the house nonsense. My least favorite of the foods on my plate. All the other stuff is from a five star restaurant and the house is from McDonald's. Blech!

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Beth said...

Busy busy girl! Take a breath! (And please feel better soon.) Hugs, Beth