Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chicken Little

Just made friends with a weird little bug. I decided to befriend him rather than torture him mercilessly (because, you know, I torture all living things for fun, right) as he looked kind of out of this world. I believe him to be from another planet. I figured if I was kind to him, he would spare our planet from destruction. See, I just saved the world. You should all be eternally grateful. Maybe even buy me presents. Or another crack rock for Mary Poppins. She's withdrawing at the moment and pissing me off. (facebookers inside joke-ish) At any rate, he was rather interesting looking. Flat as a piece of paper and fast as fire next to gasoline. I allowed him to crawl (or run) on me for a while as I tried to figure out exactly what the hell it was and then, once I gave up, I let him go. (back to his spaceship that is... because he's an alien... he told me himself)

Drop off momma cat tomorrow so that she can get her spay on. (harhar, I'm just full of it tonight) And pick up a kitten cage for when we have showings as well as some food and litter for the little monsters. We only have one that still hisses on a regular basis when he sees people but as long as you stand still for a second, he unpuffs. He'll need a home that for whatever reason wants a cat they never have to see or pet. Unless they take two at once, then he might come out more often. The rest should adjust pretty easily to whatever home they find. (or don't find since it seems like no one is adopting cats right now) Friday the realtor comes by to take some pictures. She was going to do it today but it was a little rainy out and she wants to take outdoor photos as well so we put it off for a few days. Otherwise a pretty laid back kind of week around here. (shit did I just say that? the sky is going to fall now)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We are not as kind to bugs at our place, Beth has a special bug-vac that she loves.

Beth said...

Depends on the bug. If it's a spider on the ceiling, he's toast. If it's a moth, or one of those little jumpy bugs, I try to catch them and put them outside. I even try to get flies outside without swatting them, if I can.

Yeah, I imagine it's not a good time for people to be adopting pets. So sad. Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for saving the world my little superhero friend!! I think presents are definately in order for that :)

Good luck to Mama cat with her spay day!!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I like unusual bugs too. Spiders.. not so much! Eeeek! I've managed to instill a fear of spiders in my daughter lately too. Invisible kittehs are nice!