Friday, September 18, 2009

People love me so much they give me stuff

The really nice people at The Green Bottle have agreed to donate two of their bottles to our rescue organization. This is the first time I've convinced someone to give us something for free. I'm not comfortable with asking most of the time. However, they have it on their website that if you are a non-profit and would like a bottle from them, then plead your case and they will consider it. I really like this company. I haven't gotten a bottle from them yet but plan on doing so in the future. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Yah!

We were running out to get pizza tonight and I was letting Rocky back in the house before we left. Somehow (I wasn't paying attention and I'm naturally accident prone) the bottom of the storm door got caught on my heel, digging into my achilies and taking some flesh with it. My achilies is something I'm weird about. I don't like it touched by anyone. If Shawn is rubbing my feet, he knows to stay away from that area or I will freak out. I'm not sure when it started or why. For whatever reason, Shawn decided he needed to come back into the house - Oh he forgot his keys - and I was gripping the door and making an exaggrated amount of noise. (typical for me when I'm in pain) About an hour later I was able to look at it. I can't tell how deep it is as everytime I move my foot, it starts to bleed. At least I'm no longer whimpering. :) The only way I know it would've hurt anyone, not just me, was I immediately felt like throwing up. Mean old door.


Beth said...

Nice score from that company! Very cool of them to donate.

I know what you mean about your Achilles. A few years ago, I had a bout of tendinitis, and I couldn't bear to wear shoes with a back to them. I had to wear...I guess they call them mules or slides...backless shoes, know what I mean? I can occasionally wear boots now, but I still don't like having anything on the back of my feet! Even in winter I wear backless athletic shoes. It made me cringe to think of that door digging into your Achilles. I hope it's stopped bleeding now, and heals quickly. Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Great job on getting a bottle! The look like nice ones too. I have two bottles (not theirs) and use them all the time.

Oh your poor heel - things with the foot make me whimper too. My big thing is stubbing my toe..I hope around like a wailing idiot! You need to take a good look at it and see how bad it is. Hope it feels better soon.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We went metal about a year ago at home, and try to avoid plastic water bottles when we travel.

As for the bad door, that is the deal breaker, you should move.